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Human Resources, Important Assets of an Institution
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The series of activities for CPNS PSTA-LAPAN Formation 2019 Admissions were held online from 4 to 13 January 2021 with the format of the 2019 Formasi CPNS onboarding activities. Deputy for Space and Atmospheric Sciences, Halimurrahman was present to open the event (4/1). A total of 18 CPNS PSTA LAPAN were present on the first day of work, after previously on December 30, 2020 they had been briefed by Kelapa LAPAN, Thomas Djamaluddin along with all CPNS LAPAN formations 2019.

The implementation of tasks in onboarding activities, said Halimurrahman, is very important so that we are engaged because human resources or HR in an institution are important capital or assets, he said. From the start, continued Halimurrahman, the CPNS who were this important capital had to immediately join or join us (LAPAN).

Deputy for Space and Atmospheric Sciences-LAPAN, Ir. Haimurrahman, MT, Opening the CPNS PSTA-LAPAN Onboarding activity (4/1)

According to Halimurrahman, in his virtual speech, the committee made efforts to implement this onboarding program as an engagement program that could be carried out comfortably but still the main goal could be achieved because currently as a CPNS the demands are getting bigger. People are increasingly aware that they pay salaries to civil servants, said Halimurrahman, so that people demand that we as government bureaucracies be professional, so, continued Halimurrahman, the performance of the apparatus must be of high quality, the work output is satisfactory to the community and of course we must also provide strategic work solutions. then actual and responsive to community needs, said Halimurrahman.

At the same time, as the leader of Echelon 1 at LAPAN, Deputy for Space and Atmospheric Science or commonly known as Design, Halimurrahman advised all the CPNS-PSTA onboarding participants that as government officials must be creative, including responsive. The effort to achieve this, said Halimurrahman, requires human resources in prime condition as state apparatus. In addition, Desains also emphasized the importance of strengthening unity, strengthening solidarity, and synergy so that the duties as a reformed government apparatus can match the expectations of society towards a better Indonesian society, he concluded.

Head of PSTA-LAPAN, DR. Didi Satiadi, delivered a presentation on the CPNS Onboarding activity (4/1)/1)

Participants in the CPNS Onboarding activity (4/1)/1)

Various explanations were obtained by the participants from the PSTA-LAPAN speakers which included Introduction to LAPAN and PSTA, Activities in the Field of Programs and Facilities, Dissemination Activities, Administration and Personnel Activities, Virtual Visits for PSTA Facilities and Laboratories, Introduction to Career and Functional Positions at PSTA (Especially Researchers and Engineers), Introduction to the Working Group for the Atmospheric Environment, Introduction to the Working Group on Climate Change and Natural Resources, Introduction to the Poklit on Atmospheric Technology, Introduction to the Poklit on Food Security and Maritime Affairs, Introduction to the Poklit on Air Transportation and Disaster Safety, Introduction to the Atmosphere, Cloud and Rain Microphysics, Atmospheric Phenomena (Monsoon, ENSO) , MJO, IOD, and others), Atmospheric Interaction - Ocean, Atmospheric Chemistry, Greenhouse Gases, Climate Change, Atmospheric-Space Interaction, Atmospheric Observation Technology, Meteorological Satellites, Meteorological Radar, Atmospheric Modeling, Becoming Superior ASN, Integrity, and Nationality Insight, Discussion on Financial Management at PSTA, D discussion on making KAK, discussion on RAB management and discussion, discussion on procurement of goods and services, discussion on HCDP, discussion on Renstra LAPAN and PSTA, discussion on training, counseling, coaching, mentoring, discussion about HR management activities in LAPAN or PSTA, management Narada, Discussion on LAKIN, PUI, KNAPP PSTA.

At the end of the activity the participants are required to provide a brief description of all the material that has been obtained while being a participant onboarding the CPNS PSTA-LAPAN prior to assigning assignments to PSTA-LAPAN.

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