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Forest Fires and Their Impact in South Sumatra (part 2)
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PSTA-LAPAN conducts research on the atmospheric environment, especially air quality and the development of a web-based Indonesian Atmospheric Composition Information System (SRIKANDI) from atmospheric models and satellite data, so it requires in situ data on a high temporal scale for the accuracy of SRIKANDI's performance. This is as explained by the Head of PSTA-LAPAN, Didi Satiadi through a virtual presentation in the FGD entitled "Forest Fires and Their Impact in South Sumatra (part 2)" Wednesday, (11/11).
Therefore, it is necessary to collaborate between PSTA and South Sumatra Province in completing the data, according to Didi, for the common interest of minimizing the impact of forest fires.
Every element of the nation, added Didi, needs to have high concern for forest preservation according to their respective capabilities. Therefore, said Didi, society and the government must establish good cooperation, he explained. "The creation of forest stability has economic, ecological, and aesthetic functions," said the Doctor who graduated from Doctoral Physics-University Of Wales Aberystwyth, United Kingdom.
SATELLITE FGD # 10 or Focus Group Discussion on Atmospheric Science about Technology, Environment and the Latest Climate Series 10 is a series of webinar activities organized by PSTA-LAPAN, Wednesday (11/11). Deputy for Space and Atmospheric Sciences LAPAN, Ir. Halimurrahman, MT. attended to open the event.
Through the virtual media zoom meeting and broadcast on the PSTA-LAPAN youtube channel, the FGD presented expert speakers such as the Head of the BPBD Emergency Management Division of South Sumatra Province, Ansori, who explained about Forest Fires and their Impact in South Sumatra.
Success in controlling forest and land fires is highly dependent on the commitment and participation of the parties involved, explained Ansori, according to the alumni of the Social Welfare Science of STISIPOL Candradimuka Palembang, controlling forest and land fires is the responsibility of all parties, both the Government, the Community and the private sector. With the control of forest and land fires, said Ansori, the smoke problem that always occurs during the dry season will be resolved, said Ansori.
PSTA-LAPAN researcher, Ninong Komala, explained the effect of forest fires on the composition of the atmosphere of South Sumatra. Ninong explained that the time series of atmospheric parameters in South Sumatra from 2003 to 2020 had annual variations, according to the LAPAN research professor in the field of atmospheric environment and its application, in 2006 and 2015 the concentrations of ozone, CO, and CH4 had changes / increased concentrations during forest fires. . "The CO in South Sumatra in 2015 was higher than in 2006", he said. It is suspected that 2015 forest fires were greater than 2006 and 2015 water vapor was lower than 2006, concluded Ninong.
PSTA-LAPAN researcher Sumaryati explained about the spread of smoke during forest fires in South Sumatra. The quality (pollution) of ambient air, said Sumaryati, is not only determined by the amount of emission, but also how the weather conditions (meteorology) are determined. Sumaryati further explained that the management of air quality in Indonesia, said the graduate of Environmental Engineering ITB, is still focused on the amount of emissions and has not taken advantage of weather characteristics that can be used for air management such as spatial planning, chimney height and pollutant release time (industry) if possible.
The Chief Executive of the BPBD of Ogan Komering Ilir (OKI) South Sumatra Regency, Listiadin Martin, explained the Concept and Strategy of Handling Forest and Land Fires in OKI Regency. Advances in technology through satellite monitoring, BMKG weather forecasts, and peat drought monitoring as well as mitigation efforts from various institutions including satellite applications, explained Lustiadin, are very helpful in mitigating and overcoming forest and land fires. In the future, Listiadin hoped, it really needs to be improved and simplified (technology) as well as wider publication so that it can be accessed by the public.
The Head of Disease Prevention and Control Division of the Health Office of the Province of South Sumatra, Ferry Yanuar, delivered a discussion about the Bad Impact of Haze on Public Health in South Sumatra Province. The graduate of FKM UI public health explained that Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (ISPA) is an acute infectious disease that always occurs throughout the year, both the rainy season and the dry season. Ferry said that there could be an increase in ISPA if there was air pollution such as smog caused by forest and land fires. "The impact of smog on health depends on the Air Pollution Standard Index (ISPU)", said Ferry. It is necessary to increase promotion and education efforts to the community in order to reduce the incidence of forest and land fires, said Ferry.

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