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LAPAN's Strategy To Involve Youths To Be Influencers Protecting Environment and Atmosphere
21 Oct 2020 • Read : 208 x ,

The Center for Atmospheric Science and Technology of the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (PSTA-LAPAN) stated that youths have an important role to play in maintaining and campaigning for the atmospheric environment to stay healthy and comfortable during a pandemic. This was discussed in the Celebration of the Day of Love for the Atmosphere and Environment (Paracita Atmaloka) yesterday (Monday, 17/10/2020).

According to the Head of PSTA Didi Satiadi, his authority has the responsibility to help prepare the younger generation to be able to adapt to new habits and contribute to protecting the environment in the era of the pandemic.

"For this reason, PSTA opens the widest possible door for young people who want to study the atmospheric environment and discuss with atmospheric experts at PSTA, either through practical work, mentoring, online study visits and other service activities," said Didi in his official statement. written Bandung, Sunday, October 18 2020.

To fulfill this responsibility, Didi said PSTA presented speakers from millennial influencers representing the younger generation, namely Putri Indonesia Lingkungan 2018, Vania Herlambang. As an ambassador for SDGs Indonesia, Vania explained the importance of sustainability in life.

Vania explained that what has been done now is not only aimed at getting a better life in the present. But also by paying attention to the impact it causes so as not to cause environmental damage in the future.

"An activity is said to be sustainable if it fulfills 3 main pillars, namely economy, social and environment," said Vania.

The three main pillars are called Vania, which are revealed to be 17 goals that serve as guidelines in carrying out daily activities.

Indonesia Ranks 101 SDGs Status

Currently, Vania continued, Indonesia is ranked 101 for SDGs status.

"Of course, this ranking must continue to be improved with various efforts and youth play an important role in supporting the achievement of better SDGs," said Vania.

It is undeniable that the global pandemic situation has had a negative impact on the pillars of the SDGs, namely in the economic and social fields. Meanwhile in the environmental sector, COVID-19 is predicted to actually have a positive impact because it rests the earth.

In fact, said Vania, if studied further, these benefits are only temporary. There are many situations due to Covid-19 which in turn have the potential to increase environmental damage. This is shown by the increasing potential for private vehicle use during the pandemic.

"So it is clear that this pandemic has worsened sustainability so that it needs the active role of youth to protect the earth," said Vania.

The woman who graduated from ITB's Chemical Engineering said that the younger generation can play a role from an early stage. That is by starting now to get used to thinking and behaving in a sustainable manner by reviewing the three pillars of the SDGs when deciding to carry out an activity.

Youths need to make efforts and pay attention to their impact on the economic, social and environmental fields. In addition, Vania said, youths can also play a role by applying the knowledge they already have from schools, especially those that are closely related to the environment.

In addition, youth also play a role in influencing and inviting other people to act in a sustainable manner.

"A true influencer is one who is able to influence the people around him to protect the environment," said Vania.

The annual event, which aims to increase the sensitivity of youth in recognizing this environmental problem, is expected to foster respect and concern for the environment and be able to adapt to new habits during the COVID-19 pandemic.

News source: Liputan 6

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