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PSTA-LAPAN, Bandung - Instructor of the Center for Atmospheric Science and Technology-LAPAN, Erma Yulihastin, said that Press Release or PR is very important for an institution or as an individual working in research and educational institutions. This was conveyed by Erma in the Focus Group Discussion on Atmospheric Science about Technology, Environment, and the Latest Climate Series 8 (SATELIT # 8).

Erma explained, PR raises content that the public needs to know, shows the performance or competence of the institution to the public, and shows the competence of the researcher or expert concerned to the public. According to him, how effective a PR is because it is purposeful and useful to embrace those three things. "We have to take these three things seriously" said Erma in the SATELLITE FGD # 8 entitled One Day Press Release Writing Workshop, Tuesday (27/10).

Touching all circles, Erma explained, the information conveyed in PR must be concise, concise, to the point, and sound-weight that is certain. "Differentiate with scientific writing because the community is clear, PR touches all circles of society". he explained through exposure to virtual media.

Information related to scientific or scientific matters will be easier to use summary leads because they explain the core issues to be conveyed. Descriptive leads help readers to describe an event in detail.

Erma invited the workshop participants to make news not according to the author but to show the real situation "good writing is show it is not tell it and the power of writing lies in what he reads", she said.

Previously, the PSTA-LAPAN Dissemination Coordinator, Lilik Slamet Supriatin, was present to open the SATELIT # 8 FGD. According to Lilik, this activity is part of the implementation of duties in the field of dissemination and a series of SATELLITE FGD activities at PSTA-LAPAN which will be held up to series 15. "One Day Press Release Writing Workshop is very important to provide information to the public by explaining, educating and reminding things. for the public "he explained.

SATELLITE FGD # 8 was held online through a zoom meeting and broadcast on the PSTA LAPAN youtube channel. Guided by Christine Cecylia Munthe as the host, the activity was attended by 50 enthusiastic participants who listened to the presentation and PR writing training which was guided by both group and individual co-hosts. The event was finished until 18.00 WIB


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