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Radiosonde Product Innovation
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Focus Group Discussion on Atmospheric Science about Technology, Environment, and Latest Climate Series 7 (SATELIT # 7) with the theme Strengthening National Capacity for Atmospheric Technology Independence held by PSTA-LAPAN was held on Thursday, October 22, 2020 through virtual media zoom meetings and broadcast on channels youtube PSTA-LAPAN.


Deputy for Space and Atmospheric Sciences-LAPAN, Ir. Halimurrahman, MT. attended to open the event. In his remarks, he stated that the dynamics of the Indonesian atmosphere are very unique, so it is necessary to understand the dynamics of the Indonesian atmosphere. Observational data generated from atmospheric observation tools is needed, one of which is obtained from radiosondes. Radiosonde is a measuring instrument for atmospheric parameters which includes pressure, temperature, humidity, and wind. Radiosondes are flown vertically using balloons from the surface to a height of 30 kilometers.


Furthermore, Halimurrahman emphasized that vertical atmospheric measurements are very important for monitoring weather predictions as well as for flight safety. Radiosonde observations are carried out routinely in almost all countries including Indonesia. Another use of the radiosonde is for research and support for rocket firing tests. The need for radiosonde is very high and has become a national need, but the products are still imported. Nationally, radiosonde product innovation has grown in collaboration with LAPAN, BMKG, and PT. CORE. This development must continue to be carried out so that Indonesia is able to develop to be able to produce according to applicable standards and have an impact on the Indonesian economy, said Halimurrahman.


SATELLITE FGD # 7 is an activity that aims to inform the public regarding the development of radiosonde innovation technology as well as dialogues and discussions related to challenges and solutions for the development of innovation in Indonesia's atmospheric observation technology. Radiosonde is a product innovation for LAPAN, BMKG, and PT INTI to continue to improve, improve and develop radiosondes produced so far to meet standards and have an economic impact on Indonesia.


Present at the event were speakers such as Dr. Didi Satiadi, M.Sc., Head of PSTA-LAPAN who delivered his presentation on the Downstreaming of Atmospheric Technology Products of PSTA-LAPAN. Then, Soni Aulia Rahayu, ST., MT., PSTA-LAPAN researcher who explained about Radiosonde Innovation at PSTA. Dr. Erwin Eka Syahputra, Head of Research and Development for Meteorology at BMKG explained about Radiosonde Specifications and Needs for BMKG Operations in Indonesia. And Adhi Pratomo, S.Sos., M.Ikom., Coordinator for Aviation and Space Standards Pusispan-LAPAN was present to convey the Standardization and Improvement of Competitiveness of Aviation and Space Innovation Products.


Denny Lesmana, S.Si., M.Sc., Innovation Division of PT. PINDAD gave a presentation on the Utilization of Radiosonde Data in the Accuracy of the Defense Rocket Fire Table. And Ir. Ujang Krisno Yulianto, from the Business Development and Corporate Strategy Division of PT. INTI explained the Potential of Production and Commercialization of Atmospheric Technology Innovations.


Guided by moderator Dr. Rr. Laras Toersilowati, M.Si., Head of the Atmospheric Technology Research Group PSTA-LAPAN and host by Christine Cecylia Munthe, S.Kom., PSTA-LAPAN researcher, FGD SATELIT # 7 event went well. The participants of FGS SATELIT # 7 were given the opportunity to discuss and dialogue with the speakers.





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