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Inauguration of Functional Officials at LAPAN Bandung
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Bandung-PSTA. Increased employee motivation can be implemented in the form of promotions and job rotations. This is intended to increase employee morale and work behavior to be able to be in line with the organization's goals in achieving its goals.The Deputy for Space and Atmospheric Science, Monday (10/2) officially inaugurated 16 Researchers, Engineers, and Litkayasa Technical Officers from the Center for Atmospheric Science and Technology, the Center for Space Science, the Center for Space and Atmospheric Observation, and the Sumedang Space and Observation Observatory. The inauguration took place at 09.00 WIB in the Sun Room, Building I Floor 3 LAPAN Bandung, and was attended by the Head of the Space Science Center, Plt. Head of the Center for Atmospheric Science and Technology, Structural Officers of LAPAN Bandung, Functional Officers of LAPAN Bandung and other invited guests.The inauguration ceremony began with the reading of the decree of the Head of the LAPAN concerning the appointment of a functional position by the inauguration committee of the LAPAN Functional Position in Bandung.

In his remarks, the Deputy for Space and Atmospheric Sciences expressed his congratulations to all newly appointed Functional Officials.

Deputy of Space and Atmospheric Sciences, Ir. Halimurrahman, MT. gave a speech at the Functional Position Inauguration(10/2)
“Alhamdulillah, today we take the oath of the functional officials of Researchers, Engineers and Litkayasa Technicians from LAPAN Bandung. This is part of the career coaching and career development process at LAPAN. It is hoped that the appointed officials will contribute and renew new enthusiasm in the LAPAN R&D "he said on the sidelines of the preparations for the Socialization of the LAPAN Head's Renstra.

 Functional Position Inauguration(10/2)

The following is a list of names of functional officials appointed.

    Space Science Center
  1. Rizal Suryana, ST. (Young Expert Researcher)
  2. Dwiko Unggul Prabowo, ST. (Young Engineer)
  3. Syahril (Advanced Implementing Litkayasa Technician)
  4. Mulya Diana Murti, S.Si. (First Expert Researcher)
  5. Futikhatun Rohmah, ST. (First Expert Researcher)
  6. Dio Danarianto, S.Si. (First Expert Researcher)
  7. Muhammad Bayu Saputra, S.Si. (First Expert Researcher)
  8. Center for Atmospheric Science and Technology
  9. Saipul Hamdi, M.Sc. (Associate Expert Researcher)
  10. Asif Awaludin, MT., Ph.D. (Associate Expert Researcher)
  11. Wendi Harjupa, M.Eng. (Young Expert Researcher)
  12. Dita Fatria Andarini, S.Si. (First Expert Researcher)
  13. Eka Putri Wulandari, S.Si. (First Expert Researcher)
  14. Amalia Nurlatifah, S.Si. (First Expert Researcher)
  15. Listi Restu Triani, ST. (First Expert Researcher)
    Sumedang Space and Observation Observatory
  1. Gerhana Puannandra, S.Si. (First Expert Researcher)
  2. Pontianak Aerospace and Atmospheric Observatory
  3. Suraina, S.Si. (First Expert Researcher).

(PR/emge, Photo: Gelar)

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