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Al Jabr Islamic Shool Students Learn About Atmospheric Science and Technology
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Bandung (5/2). Students from Al Jabr Islamic School, South Jakarta, visited PSTA LAPAN. They are grade 10 students from sciences and social studies. They came to PSTA LAPAN with their respective teachers. It was their very first visit to PSTA LAPAN. The inaugural visit from Al Jabr Islamic School was carried out with the theme of introducing climate and renewal technology. Located in the Atmospheric Science Meeting Room, the visit was received by the visiting committee, Djoko Trianas, A. Md. and team.

After receiving a briefing from Mr. Djoko, the visit began with the speech from Al Jabr Islamic School representative, Ms. Lies, who delivered the purpose of their visit to PSTA LAPAN. The students coincidentally were learning about atmospheric dynamics and energy, therefore they were planning to visit research institutions to learn directly from the experts.

“We are from Al Jabr Islamic School grade 10 want to say thank you for the warm welcome to PSTA LAPAN staffs. The students here are from science and social major. The social major is learning Atmospheric Dynamics and the science major is learning Energy. Therefore, we’re all here to learn more about them from the experts. I hope the children get valuable lessons from here,” said Ms. Lies.

Teacher Representative of Al Jabr Islamic School, Ms. Lies

Head of Administration, Mr. Sudirman, S. H., MAP. Welcomed the students and teachers from Al Jabr Islamic School. In his remarks, he hoped that the knowledge the students will learn from here would be useful for them.

Head of Administration of PSTA, Mr. Sudirman

“Alhamdulillah according to the plan, we all could gather at the office of PSTA LAPAN today. On behalf of the structural of PSTA, we would like to thank you for the visit. Please take this opportunity to learn as much as you can and remember that learning is not only in the classroom, but we could also get to learn outside the classroom as we will carry out this time,” said Mr. Sudirman.

The presentation of the LAPAN company profile was delivered by PSTA Public Relations staff, Mr. Muhtar Gunawan, SAP. In the presentation, he told about history, locations, and competence of LAPAN, and products that have been produced from the research and development of PSTA LAPAN.

The next presentation about Carbon Footprint was delivered by a researcher from PSTA, Mrs. Indah Susanti, S. T. In her presentation, she explained about nature and its purpose to be the source of human life. Humans use nature for various activities of daily life. Humans took energy and produced waste. Nature has the ability to manage waste. “…so when humans produced natural waste, nature has their own mechanism to neutralize again, but nature also has limited capacity, when waste excessively enters into nature which is destructive in nature, the capability will reduced,” said Mrs. Indah.

Public Relations Staff of PSTA, Mr. Muhtar Gunawan

Climate Change Researcher of PSTA, Mrs. Indah Susanti

The event carried out with a discussion related to Carbon Footprint. The enthusiasm of the students in this session was showed by the many questions and curiosity of the students who want to know about carbon footprint related to their daily lives.


Field Acitivity

The last event was a visit to ASTINA and a review of the equipment at PSTA. The visit was guided by PSTA researcher, Mrs. Amalia Nurlatifah. The students are introduced to PSTA products such as SADEWA (Satellite Disaster Early Warning System), SEMAR (Maritime Circular System), SRIKANDI (Indonesian Atmospheric Composition Information System), SRIRAMA (Indonesian Climate Change Information System), and SANTANU (Spatial Rain Monitoring System). In the field activity, Mrs. Amalia explained how to operate the equipment and the functions of the equipment.

 (emge, photos by: Gelar)

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