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Performance Agreement As Part of Performance Appraisal System
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Continuous and continuous employee coaching is needed for civil servants who are professional, responsible, honest and fair in order to realize the task of implementing good governance. The emphasis is on the work performance system. To be reliable and can be used as a basis for performance appraisal and employee performance development in accordance with organizational goals, a performance appraisal system is needed.Friday, 31 January 2020 The Center for Atmospheric Science and Technology (PSTA) - LAPAN held a meeting with all PSTA Civil Servants in the framework of preparing the Performance Agreement (PK), Action Plan and Employee Work Target (SKP).
The event was opened by the Acting Head of the PSTA, Dr. Didi Satiadi. In his remarks, Dr. Didi Satiadi said that the preparation of this Performance Agreement was important to be implemented as a guideline for the implementation of employee performance in one fiscal year.

Plt. Head of the Center for Atmospheric Science and Technology, Dr. Didi Satiadi gave a speech at the meeting on the preparation of the Performance Agreement (31/1)
“..Our target today is to complete the Performance Agreement, Action Plan, and Employee Work Goals by 2020. This is actually what we usually do year after year. So this performance agreement is an agreement between superiors and subordinates regarding the performance to be achieved then these performances will be detailed in the form of an action plan. If the performance agreement is a target of one year if the action plan is detailed in each month, if in the past every three months if now every month from January to December the plan is like what this action plan should be as a guide that we carry out the performance agreement within one

year, how the progress will then be discussed with everyone. Then the employee work goals are those signed by ladies and gentlemen, the 2020 targets and this is the material for evaluating employee performance from performance and behavior ". Said Dr. Didi Satiadi.

Compilation of Performance Agreements in PSTA-LAPAN (31/1)

On the same occasion was also present Deputy Deputy for Space and Atmospheric Sciences, Ir. Halimurrahman, MT. which provides keywords for the importance of employees to build collaboration so that research at PSTA-LAPAN is even better.

Deputy of Space and Atmospheric Sciences, Ir. Halimurrahman, MT. at the Performance Arrangement Event at PSTA-LAPAN (31/1)
“ 2020-2024 is a new period where LAPAN has a vision to be one of the drivers of national development, the indicator of success has changed from last year. The preparation of this Performance Agreement is to measure our performance, LAPAN performance indicators so that the vision can be achieved. The important thing is that the spirit of LAPAN now is "Good", "Public Service Oriented", then "Accountable", "Innovative", "Integrative" and no less important is "Collaborating". And our nuance at the moment is important to collaborate to build around each other getting better ". Said Ir. Halimurrahman, MT.

Furthermore, he also delivered a presentation on the planned PSTA 2020 activities by Plt. Head of PSTA-LAPAN to all employees before jointly carrying out the preparation of the 2020 Employment Agreement, Action Plan, and Employee Work Targets. The agreed Performance Performance Plan, Action Plan and Employee Work Objectives are uploaded to the LAPAN Simpeg.

 (Humas/emge, Fotografer: Gelar)

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