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The development of digital devices that function to store various kinds of digital data or often known as "storage" is increasingly developing both from the type of device and innovation and size. The PSTA-LAPAN Computing Lab Team held a socialization of CAKRA Cloud Storage, Thursday (01/23). Located in the meeting room of the Atmospheric Science building 2 floor 2 PSTA-LAPAN, the socialization was attended by all PSTA employees.

Starting the socialization program Head of Program and Facilities Division, Dr. Didi Satiadi conveyed the purpose of the socialization by introducing that there is a new facility in the PSTA-LAPAN environment namely CAKRA (Cloud for Archiving Knowledge Repository of the Atmosphere). CAKRA generally has the same function as the current storage (dropbox, google drive). The capacity is around 200 TB to be used by 80 PSTA employees so that each employee gets 2 TB.

Head of Program and Facilities Division, Dr. Didi Satiadi gave speech on CAKRA Cloud Storage Socialization
"... so hopefully this can be useful for you, ladies and gentlemen, and please use this facility to store data, share data for our activities together, then CAKRA can also be accessed not only (PSTA office) but also through the domain CAKRA via the internet so that we can access it from home or anywhere, again on the road can be via mobile phones, "explained Dr. Didi Satiadi.

The technical presentation of the operation was explained by prospective PSTA-LAPAN researcher Muhammad Fadhlan Putranto, S.Kom. "The presence of CAKRA in PSTA-LAPAN hopefully will be the answer to the questions of all of you who want to have large storage and not pay" said Fadhlan. Furthermore, it is explained that the features contained in the CAKRA display currently do not differ much with storage in general, including upload, view, share, and save files. For collaboration features are still in the development stage. The expectation of this feature is that users can share information, especially related to work, but the problem is that the feature is still in the process of configuration.On the next occasion, Fadhlan held a demo and invited all participants present to log in together and allow them to try every feature in CAKRA. As the demo opened a question and answer session about CAKRA cloud storage. Enthusiastic PSTA employees who were present asked many questions about the level of storage security to the synchronization process.

PSTA Computation Laboratory Team, Muhammad Fadhlan Putranto, S.Kom. presents CAKRA Cloud Storage exposure

CAKRA Cloud Storage Socialization

At the close of the CAKRA Cloud Storage Socialization, Dr. Didi Satiadi said that the scope of CAKRA access was intended for PSTA-LAPAN employees so that the management and development was adjusted to the needs of the employees to support the improvement of daily work performance.

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