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PSTA LAPAN Received A Visit from Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, IPB
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Bandung – PSTA, Wednesday (17/12/2019), PSTA-LAPAN received a visit from 12 Master and Doctoral students accompanied by 3 lecturers from FMIPA IPB. During the visit, the students and the lecturers were welcomed by the PSTA-LAPAN represented by Prof. Dr. Eddy Hermawan who was then welcomed by the representatives of IPB (Mr. Rahmat Hidayat) conveying the purpose of the visit and expressing their gratitude about the warm welcome that is always received when IPB visited PSTA-LAPAN.

The start of the event began with an introduction from students and the speakers from PSTA LAPAN. This visit was quite unique, because the speaker was an alumni from IPB as well so in addition to giving an introduction, the speakers also talk about when they were studying in IPB.

After the introduction, the students and the speakers took a group photo.

The first speaker was Mr. Haries Satyawardana. He explained the material about LAPAN in a brief and clear manner, explained in more detail the LAPAN work units that exist throughout Indonesia and especially PSTA. In addition, a decision support system or commonly referred to as a Decision Support System (DSS) was presented, such as SEMAR, SADEWA, SRIKANDI, SANTANU and SRIRAMA.

The next speaker was Mr. Risyanto. On this occasion Mr. Risyanto explained about one of the observation facilities in PSTA. Explain the use of existing tools and what data can be produced from these tools or facilities.

After the presentation, the program continued with questions and answers and discussions. Many questions were raised from students and answered by the speakers from PSTA. Then proceed with filling out an online community satisfaction survey ( by students which is an evaluation of visitors to the science and technology services in the atmosphere of the PSTA, especially about climate change, from the calculation results of the students showed very good satisfaction with a value of 92, 19.

After the event, guided by Ms. Nani Cholianawati, the students were invited to visit the PSTA media center, Atmospheric Science and Technology Information System (ASTINA) to try to see the DSS product display and the interpretation of information contained therein.

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