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PSTA Held Visiting Scholar, Bringing Professors from Kyoto University
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Starting on October 14, 2019 until the next 2 days (October 16, 2019) PSTA held scientific activities in the form of visiting scholar at its office in Bandung. The visiting scholar was filled with training activities which took the title "Training on Hydrometeorological Disaster Prevention". Present as instructors at this training were two people who worked at the Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI) at the Kyoto University in Japan. The two lecturers are Prof. Eiichi Nakakita and Associate Prof. Kosei Yamaguchi. Around 20 participants from PSTA and ITB attended this event.

On his presentation on the first day of training, Prof. Eiichi Nakakita explained about the disaster in Japan that can be monitored with radar. The advantage of radar developed by the Kyoto University DPRI is that it can receive signals that are not limited to horizontal waves, but the radar can receive wave signals polarization as well.

This training supported by the Non-Degree Program (PNG) Kemenristekdikti, PSTA, and the Kyoto University DPRI. On this occasion, an MoU or Cooperation Agreement was also signed between PSTA and Kyoto University DPRI. The agreement was done desk-to-desk because the Director of the Kyoto University DPRI (Mr. Manabu Hashimoto) could not come to Indonesia. The agreement document had previously been sent to the Kyoto University DPRI and was signed by Mr. Manabu Hashimoto. The head of PSTA, Mr. Halimurrahman, had not signed the agreement yet. As a start of the cooperation, PSTA held the visiting scholar. This cooperation will carry on until the next five years from 2019 to 2024.

The visiting scholar really helped PSTA to develop SANTANU rain radar technology to be more advanced and better. Software application and model “Cress and its application for processing and analyzing radar data, especially rain and other atmospheric symptoms” were also introduced.

Prof. Eichi Nakakita is presenting the product of his research


The head of PSTA, Mr. Halimurrahman is signing the cooperation agreement. And the representatives from PSTA and Kyoto University showed the signed document


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