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STT Pagar Alam Visit to PSTA LAPAN
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Pagar Alam School of Information Technology (STT Pagar Alam) students totaling 121 students visited PSTA LAPAN. This is their fourth visit to PSTA. This visit is like an annual agenda carried out by STT Pagar Alam.

Before the presentation began, a representative from STT Pagar Alam conveyed the purpose of this visit. Knowing the weather in the STT Pagar Alam area is very hot recently, they want to know the current atmospheric conditions in the area. In addition, since the students who come to visit are 6th semester students and are carrying out their final project, they want to find topics that can be used as their final project. They also want to know information about PKL in PSTA LAPAN.

The event was continued with a welcome from Head of Dissemination, Dr. Lilik Slamet S representing the Head of PSTA LAPAN. Mr. Lilik welcomed and thanked STT Pagar Alam for their trust to PSTA LAPAN.

The first session was delivered by Mr. Lilik who explained about LAPAN in general and explained the work units and observation centers in LAPAN throughout Indonesia. Mr. Lilik also explained about technology products and research that had been carried out by LAPAN as a whole.

By raising the issue of the industrial revolution 4.0, Mr. Lilik explained what would be specifically done by PSTA LAPAN to deal with it. One way to do this is by developing a Decision Support System (DSS). In addition to the development of DSS, PSTA already uses e-government for internal activities, thereby reducing paper usage and can help preserve the environment. Mr. Lilik also explained the DSS that already exist in PSTA and what the benefits of DSS have been implemented in Indonesia, such as the prediction of landslide prone areas with the Santanu DSS in the event of extreme rain.

The second presentation was delivered by Nani Cholianawati, ST. who is a Young Researcher from the atmospheric environmental research group. Mrs. Nani explained about how DSS and information systems work. The first is an explanation of DSS. Mrs. Nani explained how DSS works, starting from a lot of data to the formation of knowledge for DSS. From this knowledge, it will be used as a source of decisions that will be issued by DSS. For example, in forest fires, it reads PM 2.5 data by 500 mg whereas from DSS knowledge the healthy threshold for air quality is 65 mg, the DSS will decide that the air quality condition is unhealthy. Furthermore, Mrs. Nani explained the acquisition of data from satellites. It is generally explained what satellites and what instruments are in a satellite and how a satellite can obtain data on the surface of the earth.

The sessions ended and a question and answer session was held between participants and speakers. The event ended with giving information of PKL by Mr. Joko Trianas as the PR at PSTA LAPAN.


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