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Bianglala Elementary School Visit to LAPAN Bandung
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On Thursday, September 12, 2019 students in grades 4, 5 and 6 of Bianglala Elementary School visited the LAPAN Bandung office. There are at least 100 students who visit LAPAN Bandung accompanied by 7 teachers.

The event began with the welcoming of participants by the Protocol from Center of Atmospheric Science and Technology, Mr. Joko Trianas, who gave encouragement slogans before the event began. The children were very enthusiastic about the spontaneous yells.

Representatives from SD Bianglala conveyed the purpose of the visit to LAPAN. She said that this was her second visit to LAPAN. The first visit was during the Paracita Atmaloka event in 2018. Starting from Paracita Atmaloka, SD Bianglala wanted to know more about LAPAN Bandung in particular and she hoped that a visit to LAPAN Bandung was an annual agenda for upper class students (grades 4, 5, and 6). On this occasion, the visit from Bianglala Elementary School is to give the students the knowledge about weather, energy, and space.

Bianglala Elementary School's visit was welcomed by the Head of the Dissemination Division of PSTA (Lilik Slamet S) who represented the structure of LAPAN Bandung. After remarks from LAPAN Bandung, the event was continued by Mr. Lilik who explained LAPAN briefly and clearly. Mr. Lilik also conveyed the LAPAN work units throughout Indonesia and explained in more detail the work units in Bandung. Besides that, it was also explained about the results of technology that have been produced by LAPAN such as rockets, satellites, remote sensing imagery, and DSS.

After completing the presentation about LAPAN, the Head of the Dissemination Division also shared about energy sources originating from the atmosphere. But before, an explanation is given first about what is energy, energy sources, renewable and non-renewable energy. Children tend to be enthusiastic about this session by answering questions raised by the speaker and the answers are almost entirely correct. The session continued by introducing what sources of energy came from the atmosphere such as solar, wind, lightning, atmospheric gases, and ocean waves. The speaker also explained the big potential of solar energy for use in Indonesia, which for its development is still constrained by the high price of solar panels.

After completing the first session, souvenirs were handed over from PSTA to representatives of Bianglala Elementary School in the form of books about the atmosphere and vice versa souvenirs were also handed over from Bianglala Elementary School to PSTA.

The second session continued with the speaker from PSTA, Amalia Nurlatifah who was familiarly called Kak Amel. Kak Amel explained about the atmosphere, climate, and weather. But before starting the session, Kak Amel greeted the children who already looked rather tired. The children welcomed enthusiastically. In this session, Kak Amel interacts with children while giving gifts to children who can answer her questions. Many children raised their hands to try answering questions from Kak Amel. But not all have the chance because of limited time.

At the end of this session, Kak Amel explained about climate change. How climate change can occur, what causes it, and what steps can be taken to protect the environment so it remains comfortable to live in. Children are also suggested to use public transportation or walk to reduce pollution which is one of the causes of climate change.

After completing the sessions by Pak Lilik and Kak Amel, the children were invited to observe the sun through telescope by Mr. Asnawi from the LAPAN Space Science Center. The children were very enthusiastic because this was their first experience watching the sun through telescope by most of them. One of them even said, "Wow, my heart is beating so fast. I'm so excited. "

A series of visiting events were completed and ended with a group photo. Hopefully the knowledge gained can be useful and the enthusiasm issued by the children of this nation will always be there until they grow up. Glory Indonesian Children!


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