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Students from various departments from ITB held an audience to PSTA on changes and climate policy
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At least 13 students and students from various departments and faculties at ITB on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 visited PSTA. The scientific visit of the ITB students this time was entitled "Climate change and policy audiences". Climate policy is one of the elective courses at ITB that can be followed and chosen by students from various departments at ITB. Of the 13 students, there were those from the Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology, the Faculty of Industrial Engineering, the Faculty of Petroleum and Mining, the College of Business and Management, the College of Living, the College of Electrical and Informatics, and the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

The visit began with remarks from students who expressed the purpose and purpose of this visit. This scientific visit is more about sharing knowledge and discussing climate change and policy. This ITB student visit was received by the Head of the PSTA Dissemination Division. In his remarks, he stated that in PSTA there was a Climate Change Research Group which was formed in 2016. PSTA itself is a research and development institution, not an institution that has the role of policy making especially on climate. PSTA conducted research which the results were submitted to Bappenas (for climate change). Bappenas will be the policy maker. 

The program then continued with the presentation of students about the sources and effects of climate change. After the presentation from the students, the Head of Dissemination Division highlighted what was missing from this presentation, namely the absence of agriculture as a source of greenhouse gas emissions that causes global warming and climate change. The agricultural sector has the potential for greenhouse gas emissions, especially methane, which can cause global warming. Climate change researcher Indah Susanti presented the current conditions of climate change from the amount of emissions and CO2 concentration. 

After the presentation, the event continued with questions and answers and discussions. Many questions were raised from students and answered by resource persons from PSTA. For approximately 2 hours ITB students dialogue with PSTA regarding climate change. The event ended with the completion of a community satisfaction survey by students which was an evaluation of visitors to atmospheric science and technology services in PSTA especially about climate change.
(Dissemination PSTA LAPAN/LSS)

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