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Initialize LIPI Press on PSTA LAPAN
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Bandung, Thursday, February 7, 2019, LIPI Press conducted a socialization on the Publishing of Anthem Books and Scientific Books to researchers in the Center for Atmospheric Science and Technology (PSTA). The event lasted for approximately 3 hours, starting with the opening by the Head of the Disseminated Division, then followed by a group photo, socialization by LIPI Press, a question and answer session and ending with the closing.

The opening ceremony and opening ceremony were officially carried out by PSTA, represented by Mr. Lilik Slamet. In his speech, it was conveyed that through this event it was hoped that PSTA researchers would get a comprehensive picture of the criteria and flow of publishing the Rampai Books and Scientific Books in accordance with the rules of LIPI Press. With a comprehensive understanding of this matter, it is hoped that this activity can be the first step in the success of the 2019 IKU PSTA target, namely one of them is to publish 3 books of potpourri. After the speech and opening, the participants are directed to take a picture together.

Furthermore, all participants entered the core event, namely the presentation of the writing format and publishing mechanism with resource persons Mrs. Rahmi Lestari and Ms. Meita Safitri from LIPI Press. Mrs. Rahmi said that the basic thing that needed to be understood was that LIPI Press was a publisher that had rules and foundations for publishing a book. This is certainly different from printing which is able to print and reproduce books without seeing the substance of the book. So it is necessary to understand that basically in publishing scientific books at least need a total of 6 months at the latest, depending on the seriousness and cooperation of the author with the review team and editorial team. As for the total time, the standard time only at the publisher is as follows: 40 work days review process, pre-printed 50 working days, printing 10 working days. Of course it can be concluded that the writer's commitment to completing the book is very necessary, considering the review and revision process will definitely be done repeatedly to get a quality book.

In the socialization program, there are at least five reasons for publishing the book. First, research conducted by the Institute can be used by decision makers, because decision makers cannot see the results of research in the form of journal publications. Second is to be a form of public responsibility for the main tasks and functions of the Institute. Next is to become a media for branding both writers and author agencies. The fourth reason is that publications can be read by the public. Finally, as an expression of passion for a researcher, based on statistical data, this reason is only owned by 5% of writers who have published books at LIPI Press..

Then the socialization focused on scientific books and potpourri books. In each type of book publication, the format, systematics and procedures for publishing are explained. Both types of books must meet the requirements including; published by a business entity, has an ISBN, passes the editorial process both scientifically and grammar and at least has at least 49 pages or equivalent to 90 pages of manuscripts written in the format of Times New Roman font size 12, with a space of 1.5.

It is generally stated that there are some fundamental differences between scientific books and potpourri books. The first difference is in the anatomy of the book. If in a scientific book there is an initial / preliminary part, a content section, and a final part, then in the book the anthology is composed of prologues, content and epilogue. In addition, in the anthology book there is a authorship editor who has the role to compile and deduce the red thread from all the writings in it. Technically, authors / substance editors are those who write the prologue and epilogue in the anthology book, so that someone who becomes an editor must be qualified, meaning that he must have a thorough understanding of the contents of the book. In addition, each chapter in the contents of the potpourri book, if released, can stand alone, so that there are implied introductory elements, contents and conclusions in each chapter in its contents.

The program then continued with a question and answer session. In this session a lot was discussed about LIPI Press's experience in publishing books. One of them is the cooperation of LIPI Press with an International scale publisher (Springer). Besides that, it was also discussed about the opportunities for cooperation between PSTA LAPAN and LIPI Press in publishing the potpourri book. The event ended at 11:30 WIB, with the presentation of souvenirs from LIPI Press and ended with closing by the event committee.

(Dissemination Team/AP)

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