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Explanation of LAPAN Researchers Regarding Weather Conditions when the Lion Air Plane Falls
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The State Aeronautics and Space Institute (LAPAN) said there was no disruption of wind direction in the Java Sea region when the incident of the Lion Air plane crashed in Tanjung Karawang, West Java. The only weather disturbance that has an impact on Indonesia's territory in general, and the Java Sea in particular is tropical cyclones in the Philippines.

According to the 2018 climate variability team member LAPAN's Science and Technology Center (PSTA), Erma Yulihastin, tropical cyclones in the Philippines have only affected the formation of rain clouds in Indonesia in the past week.

While for wind direction, dominated by winds from Australia and there is a transition with the wind from Asia that enters the Java Sea.

"If you look at the conditions in the Java Sea itself during the past week, it is still dominant winds or dry winds. So there should not be too much potential for extreme weather at sea because the wind is still dominant in the east wind," Erma said by telephone , Bandung, Monday (10/29/2018).

Erma explained, the recording of prediction results from Sadewa LAPAN at 6:00 a.m., showed wind conditions at an altitude of about 1.5 kilometers per hour with a strength of 1-2 meters per second.

While thick thick cloud conditions, said Erma, satellite observations show that clouds are concentrated from North Jakarta and not caught by meso scale storm clouds such as tornadoes, tornadoes, land and sea winds.

Erma said to find out about weather disturbances in detail, needed an analysis of the weather on a local scale. He mentioned that it was to find out the potential for weather that could generate severe tubules such as wind brust or down brust (fast winds from top to bottom).

"Deeper analysis is needed for this in view of the weather conditions locally, so that the possibility can be known," said Erma.

No Weather Interference

While the Geophysical Meteorology and Climatology Agency (BMKG), previously stated that there was no weather disturbance when the Lion Air plane crashed.

Lion Air aircraft type B737 Max with flight number JT 610 was reportedly lost in contact at 06.33 WIB when flying from Soekarno-Hatta Airport, Banten to Depati Amir Airport in Pangkalpinang.

At this time the evacuation process for the aircraft belonging to the Lion Air airline with the PK-LQP registration number that was reported was last caught at the coordinates 05 46.15 S - 107 07.16 E is in progress. Information that was spread, the plane had requested a return to base before a few moments after disappearing from radar range.

Source: Liputan 6. Image Source: Media Indonesia

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