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Department of Civil Engineering UNHAS Plans PKS with LAPAN PSTA
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Bandung / PSTA LAPAN (10/24/2018), Several lecturers from the Civil Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Hasanuddin University (UNHAS) - South Sulawesi visited PSTA-LAPAN Bandung. The visit was originally aimed at following up on the use of Automatic Weather Station (AWS) installed at UNHAS, said by one of the lecturers, Bambang Bakri, planned to establish a cooperation agreement (PKS) between the UNHAS - PSTA for the sustainability of R & D activities.

Bambang added, since the installation of AWS and several air pollution sensors in UNHAS, there was no clarity on R & D activities from the use of data obtained from AWS. So, the purpose of this visit was to clarify the benefits of weather data obtained from AWS and sensors by establishing cooperation in terms of R & D activities for both PSTA and UNHAS Faculty of Engineering.

Lilik Slamet Prihatin, as Head of the Division of PSTA Dissemination responsible for PKS, presented PSTA R & D activities that used data from AWS and sensors installed at UNHAS, including applications on disaster DSS products (SADEWA and SANTANU) and air quality (SRIKANDI) developed by PSTA. The presentation of the performance of the two parties needs to be done in order to synergize the activities to be included in the scope of the PKS.

The Head of PSTA Program and Facilities Division, Didi Satiadi added, knowing what was done by both parties before the drafting of the PKS was very important to then form a collaborative work, both in terms of R & D, products, and dissemination activities.

One of the other UNHAS lecturers, Mukhsan Putra Hatta explained that currently Civil Engineering UNHAS is concerned with flood disasters that often occur in South Sulawesi. So that the model for predicting accurate flooding is needed to overcome the disaster. In addition, mapping of rainfall and watershed (DAS) also needs to be considered because it is feared that it will impact the Bili-Bili dam in the event of high intensity rain.

Based on these problems, it is seen that the PKS plan is very much needed by the Civil Engineering UNHAS. The hope is that the LAPAN PSTA researchers can provide data, both satellite observations and predictive models, as well as provide knowledge in the form of technical guidance (bimtek) and Focus Group Discussion (FGD) to the UNHAS related to the analysis and mitigation of hydrometeorological disasters.

Following up on the problems and activities carried out by both parties, it can be concluded that the scope of cooperation from the results of this meeting. Where the scope of cooperation that will be built from this PKS are:
1. The need for R & D activities and their applications
2. Make a joint publication
3. Organizing joint dissemination activities in the form of technical guidance, focus group discussions, and workshops (seminars)
4. Facilitating street vendors / student final assignments
5. Installation and development of DSS related to observation and data exchange
6. Exchange of experts (researchers and lecturers) as resource persons

By compiling the terms of reference for the collaboration, the next is to complete the PKS document according to the needs of the two parties. The SADEWA technical team, Farid Lasmono and the SANTANU technical team, Ginaldi Ari Nugroho demonstrated the two applications in front of UNHAS lecturers, related to their use and their use for atmospheric science and technology R & D related to civil and environment. The meeting was closed with a visit to various PSTA R & D facilities, namely ASTINA and Observation Laboratory.

(PSTA LAPAN dissemination / SR )

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