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PAN-RB Performs Supervision of the Implementation of Bureaucratic Reform in PSTA LAPAN
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Bandung / PSTA LAPAN (05/10/2018), the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (PAN-RB) conducts an independent assessment of the implementation of bureaucratic reform in the LAPAN PSTA environment. The Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) of Bandung City is an agency appointed by PAN-RB to monitor the data collection of the results of the bureaucratic reform implementation in the 2019 fiscal year.

Ida Nurchaida, Head of BPS Statistics Bandung City of Production together with 3 colleagues became the representative of PAN-RB to oversee and record the survey results of the implementation of bureaucratic reform in the LAPAN PSTA environment in 2019. The activities surveyed included services provided by LAPAN PSTA to users and the community.

The Head of PSTA, Halimurrahman explained that supervision and survey results of the implementation of reforms and bureaucracy in the PSTA environment need to be done in order to evaluate the performance of the PSTA to date and for the progress of the PSTA in the future to achieve the ideals of the LAPAN agency, which is to be a center of excellent. The hope is that the PSTA service has been provided optimally to users and the community.

At this meeting there were several respondents to be surveyed by BPS. Respondents presented were students who had carried out field work practices (PKL) or final project guidance in LAPAN PSTA both in the technical research and administration fields, including those from the Indonesian University of Education (UPI), Telkom University, Garut State University (Uniga), University Indonesian Computer (Unikom), and Bandung State Polytechnic.

In addition to PKL services and final project guidance, supervisors also assess the use of research and development (R & D) data services such as Garda Caah which always uses DSS SADEWA and SANTANU observation data to mitigate flood and landslide disasters in Majalaya and surrounding areas. Supervisors also assess services as resource persons as invited speaker seminars / conferences or other scientific meetings. It was reported that PSTA researchers every 3 months were resource persons for the prediction of the start of the season in the National Climate Outlook Forum (NCOF) at the BMK Center.

Other services that are assessed are cooperation services with agencies that are still running until this year, between cooperation with PT. INTI, FMIPA - Padjadjaran University, FITB - ITB, Bandung City Government, Jambi Province DLH, Sungai Penuh City DLH, Maritime Meteorology Center - BMKG, and DIY Provincial Government. In addition to domestic cooperation, it was also reported that cooperation was established with foreign countries, namely by RISH Kyoto and JAMSTEC - Japan.

This supervision is in addition to assessing the quality of the services provided, as well as assessing the quantity or number of individuals receiving services. Based on this, services in the form of scientific visits that have been made to several agencies, including schools, universities, and institutions are also reported in this supervision. With the achievement of the target services provided by the PSTA, then the PSTA bureaucratic reform in the 2019 fiscal year has been carried out well.

(PSTA LAPAN dissemination/ SR )

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