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FGD on Mitigation of Climate Change and its Impact: Adding Information and Understanding of GHG Status in Indonesia
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Bandung / PSTA LAPAN (27/09/2018), Climate Change Research Group (Poklit) held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on Mitigating Climate Change and its Impact. Problems related to climate change have a broad impact on various aspects, both environmental, social and economic aspects. This background is the implementation of this FGD, with the aim of disseminating the results of research related to climate change and its impact and obtaining information and understanding related to the development of the National Action Plan on Greenhouse Gas (RAN GRK) as well as GHG status in Indonesia, especially carbon dioxide gas.

Research on climate change and its impact is one of the goals and targets of Poklit activities in PSTA. The Poklit Climate Change is currently exploring the impact of climate change in cities in order to realize smart city, conducting an assessment of the condition of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) in Indonesia and is linked to the National Action Plan (RAN) of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) policies, as well as system development Decision Support System (DSS) based on Conformal-Cubic Atmospheric Model (CCAM).

The FGD event was guided by Rosida as the PSTA scientific coordinator and was officially opened by the Head of the PSTA Dissemination Division, Lilik Slamet Supriatin. The material presented in this FGD was divided into two sessions, the first session related to GHG Status in Indonesia and the second session related to the Impact and Policy of Climate Change. The first session of the FGD was hosted by Lilik Slamet Supriatin as the moderator, with speakers presenting material from the Climate Change Study Center for PSTA, RAN GRK-Bappenas, and the Directorate General of Climate Change Control (DG PPI) -KLHK.

Resource persons from climate change Poklit, including Bambang Siswanto delivered material related to Indonesian climate prediction by using CCAM; Sri Kaloka delivered material related to the impact of the RAN program on reducing GHG emissions to CO2 concentrations in the Indonesian territory; and Mahmud delivered the material related to the Indonesian Climate Change Information System DSS (SRIRAMA). While guest guest speaker, Atjeng Kadaryana, Head of the RAN-GRK-Bappenas Secretariat, delivered material related to low carbon development (PRK) and Joko Prihatno, Director of Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Monitoring, Reporting and Verification, the Directorate General of PPI-KLHK delivered material related to the implementation of GHG Inventory and Measurement , Reporting, and Verification (MRV).

The second session of the FGD was guided by Bambang Siswanto as the Head of the Climate Change Study Center for PSTA. Speakers at this session came from the Research and Development Center of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, and researchers from the PSTA Climate Change Study Program. Researcher at the Center for Social, Economic, Policy and Climate Change Research and Development - Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Donny Wicaksono delivered material related to emissions control and monitoring of carbon stocks from the forestry rector. While the speaker from PSTA, namely Laras Tursilowati delivered material related to smart environment to support smart city; Martono presents material related to climate change impacts on maritime; and Sinta Berliana Sipayung delivered material related to climate change impacts on hydrology.

Discussion sessions in both the first and second session FGDs went smoothly and openly. New information and understanding related to the development of the policy of the Greenhouse Gas National Action Plan (RAN GRK) as well as the current GHG status in Indonesia, obtained from the material delivered by the resource person and clarified in the discussion session. The FGD was then closed again by the Head of Dissemination, with the hope that coordination regarding the institutions and ministries that were present did not stop until this FGD. Climate change mitigation efforts are not enough to be done only by one or two people, even agencies, but the collaboration of each related institution in the process needs to be collaborated and conveyed to the community.

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