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PSTA LAPAN Collaborating with JAMSTEC Organizing a Workshop on Atmospheric Dynamics in the Indonesian Maritime Continent
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Bandung / PSTA LAPAN (18,24-25 / 09/2018), PSTA LAPAN collaborated with Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) held a workshop with the theme "Atmospheric Dynamic in the Maritime Continent". The collaboration referred to in this workshop is the workshop material delivered by both parties (PSTA LAPAN-JAMSTEC) with the topic of presentation interrelated with each other.

The background of this workshop as stated by the Head of PSTA, Halimurrahman, is a series of PSTA-JAMSTEC collaboration activities and is a synergy at the international conference "ICTMAS" held on 19-20 September. The first day of the workshop was held on September 18, 2018, the day before ICTMAS was held.

In the first day workshop, led by Eddy Hermawan as the moderator, Tomoe Natsumo from JAMSTEC opened the material related to Numerical Simulation. Subsequent material is still related to the topics presented by Suaydhi from PSTA related to Numerical Simulation developed by PSTA-LAPAN.

Moving on to the second day's workshop which was held on September 24, 2018, it was still led by Eddy Hermawan who acted as moderator, Director of JAMSTEC, Kunio Yoneyama presented material related to the Study from the Viewpoint of In-situ Observations. It was explained that JAMSTEC was developing a MJO observation model named MISMO. MISMO data and other analyzes such as Cooperative Indian Ocean Experiments on Intensive Internal Variability (CINDY) can be accessed free of charge on the JAMSTEC website if PSTA wants to use it for research and development.

The next speaker was still from JAMSTEC, namely Junko Suzuki, delivering material related to Waves in the Tropical Tropopause Region. Suzuki conveyed the link between the MJO phenomenon and Kelvin waves and their impact on the weather on the maritime continent. The speaker from PSTA, Ginaldi Ari Nugroho then presented material related to X-band observation in LAPAN Radar and the development of SANTANU R & D. The presentation was then continued by Eddy Hermawan who delivered related MJO Study in LAPAN. Explained the comparison of MJO observations conducted by LAPAN PSTA with observations made in general.

The workshop on the last day was held on September 25, 2018 presenting speakers from JAMSTEC, Qoosaki Moteki who delivered material related to Air-Sea Interaction and Data Assimillation. In the first material, Moteki explained that many phenomena that occur in the air and sea are related to wind, sea surface temperature, and solar radiation. Common phenomena such as ENSO, tropical cyclones, and MJO. It was also conveyed that the phenomenon that occurred in "Mascarene High" was very interesting to be studied further. Data assimilation material is conveyed about the relationship between the anemble model and the statistical and dynamic model developed by JAMSTEC to make predictions using 1D, 2D, 3D, and 4D methods.
The last material in this workshop was Mesoscale Convenience Complex (MCC) over the Indonesian Maritime Continent, delivered by Trismidianto. Detailed description of how the MCC phenomenon occurs, also related to other climate phenomena such as ENSO, IOD, and MJO, as well as their effects on the distribution of rainfall in Indonesia both monthly and seasonally.

The discussion held at this workshop opened up a new understanding of both the PSTA and JAMSTEC. Suggestions and feedback provided provide motivation to continue to conduct research and development that is beneficial to the community. The Head of PSTA officially closed the workshop and again conveyed the message of PSTA and JAMSTEC can give each other benefits, especially with the collaboration of research and collaboration in the YMC campaign. The Director of JAMSTEC also conveyed that the PSTA - JAMSTEC collaboration will continue in the future either through ICTMAS events, YMC campaign, or writing papers together.

(PSTA LAPAN / SR dissemination)

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