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Lapan and ITB Hold Conference on Science and Atmosphere
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The National Institute of Aviation and Space (LAPAN) and the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) held an international conference entitled 'International Conference on Tropical Meteorology and Atmospheric Science (ICTMAS)'. The conference which was attended by various country representatives was held on 19-20 September 2018 at ITB, Bandung City.

ICTMAS was opened by the Head of LAPAN, Thomas Djamaluddin and Rector of ITB Kadarsah Suyadi. Also present were several speakers such as the Head of BMKG Dwikorita Karnawati as well as representatives of other countries who were experts in the field of atmosphere and science.

The Head of Lapas Thomas Djamaluddin said the importance of research and utilization of science and technology in the field of tropical meterology and atmospheric science is very interesting to do studies both by researchers, students and the general public. For this reason, LAPAN through the Center for Science and Atmospheric Technology (PSTA) will hold activities aimed at strengthening international collaboration in the field of research and education, especially in the fields of tropical meteorology and atmospheric science.

"This is a very good forum for the meeting of researchers and practitioners related to meteorology and atmospheric science from many international experts," Thomas said at his press conference in the West Hall of ITB, Wednesday (19/9).

Thomas said the condition of the earth's atmosphere was very dynamic and influenced by natural conditions. This condition is not static and continues to change every time.

He pointed out, once the community only knew four seasons in the southern and northern hemisphere and two seasons in countries with a tropical climate. However, over time, new natural phenomena emerged from the atmospheric conditions on the earth.

"We used to only know that but later there were effects from the temperature of the Pacific Ocean called the El Nino and La Nina phenomena. At El Nino the dry season is long. At the time of La Nina the rainy season is long," he said.

In addition, he added, in the world of science and the atmosphere there is also the phenomenon of Dipole Mode (DM) which is the influence of the temperature of the Indian Ocean. Just like El Nino and La Nina, DM affects the weather and temperature of other countries in the hemisphere.

He called it not only the condition of the Ocean which affects the atmosphere that will be discussed. There are seven materials that will be discussed at this global meeting, such as extreme weather that is starting to bloom as well as climate change in various countries.

"This is very important to be discussed and Alhamdulillah can present experts related to the atsmofer, especially in the Indonesian maritime continent. There are from Australia, America, England then Japan and also invited specimens from various Asian countries," he said.

This conference is a series of international research activities of the Years of Maritime Continent (YMC) 2017-2019 which aims to improve the understanding and predictive ability of the atmosphere so that it is expected to support national development in various sectors such as agriculture, fisheries, transportation, energy, environment, health and disaster management.

Conference participants who have sent abstracts are 160 participants from Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Singapore, Peru, China and Indonesia. Paper presented as many as 76 oral participants and 84 in the form of posters. It is expected that the participants, especially the younger generation who follow this activity, can be more motivated to continue to do research and technology that is widely useful for the community.

Source: Republika. Image Source: ICTMAS

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