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Rainy season is predicted to occur November
12 Sep 2018 • Read : 477 x ,

The National Aeronautics and Space Institute (LAPAN) has not captured the uniformity of the wind direction that crosses Indonesia. This condition is one sign of the start of the rainy season. Besides, the wind speed factor.

According to a member of the Climate Variability Team of the LAPAN Atmospheric Science and Technology Center (PSTA), Erma Yulihastin until now the seasonal wind (monsoon) is still dominated by the east from the plains of Australia. Which means, there is still a dry season in Indonesia. In addition, the wind speed is still below the indicator limit entering the rainy season. That is less than 850 millibars or 1.5 kilometers.

On that basis, Erma also estimates, the new rainy season will take place in November.

"Generally, the prevailing wind will change direction in November. So the rainy season will normally be formed periodically or will begin in November," explained Erma Yulihastin in Bandung, Tuesday (09/11/2018).

"So I think because we don't see any disturbances in the Pacific Ocean or Indian Ocean, we are likely to enter the rainy season in November," he said again.

Although the dry season is now underway, Erma said, weather disturbances due to tropical cyclones are still being watched. Tropical cyclones that occur typically impact several days. For example, it rained last week in several areas in western Indonesia due to Typhoon Jebi in the Philippine waters towards Taiwan.

He revealed, in addition to tropical cyclones, must also be aware of the Madden Jullian Oscillation (MJO) wave. This natural phenomenon is in the form of waves or oscillations of sub-seasons in the troposphere layer of the tropical region, which has an impact on weather conditions. Erma explained, if there is a weather disturbance, it is likely that the rainy season will occur before November.

"For example, in October, the third week or the fourth week, it will begin. If the disturbances are formed."

LAPAN said these months there was still a dry season. Marked by the direction of the wind coming from the Southeast or East. When entering the season, the wind direction changes 180 degrees. Winds at a height of 1.5 kilometers will change direction quickly to be from the West.

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