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The 1st ICTMAS: Strengthening International Collaboration in the Field of Tropical Meteorology and Atmospheric Science
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Bandung, Wednesday - Thursday (19-20 / 09/2018), the Atmospheric Science and Technology Center (PSTA) LAPAN in collaboration with the Meteorology Study Program, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) held an international conference called "International Conference on Tropical Meteorology and Atmospheric Science ( ICTMAS) ". Held in the West Hall and East Hall of ITB, this event was opened with a report by Trismidianto as the Chairperson of the event. In his report, Midi conveyed the aim of this event was to disseminate the results of scientific and technological research in the field of tropical meteorology and atmospheric science which has recently been very interesting to be studied by the general public, students, and scientists themselves. This event can be one of the latest scientific sharing media from various fields and related topics studied.

The 7 main topics reviewed at this conference consisted of Sea-Air Interaction; Tropical Meteorology; Atmospheric Science; Environmental and Atmospheric Chemistry; Atmospheric Simulation and Modeling; Atmospheric Observation Technology and Instrumentation; and Application of Atmospheric Science and Technology related to Disasters, Maritime and Climate Change. In addition to sharing knowledge, ICTMAS also aims to strengthen international collaboration in the field of research and education, especially in the fields of tropical meteorology and atmospheric science. The committee selected the abstracts that were sent and received 160 abstracts from participants from various disciplines from Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Singapore, Peru, China, and Indonesia consisting of 76 participants as oral presenters and 84 participants who would present in poster form.

The Chancellor of ITB, Kadarsah Suryadi as the host delivered a welcome speech to conference participants from various countries and various circles in the fields of research, education, technology and industry. Head of LAPAN, Thomas Djamaluddin also delivered in his remarks related to the dynamics of the atmosphere in tropical countries which are very important to be studied. He also expressed his concern about the disaster of the Mangkhut hurricane that hit several Asian countries behind this. Therefore, R & D institutions including PSTA are deemed necessary to pay attention to these problems, and produce various disaster mitigation systems that can be utilized by citizens.

In this conference were several speakers who acted as keynote speakers, namely Director of Industrial Technology Development - Kemenristek Dikti, Hotmatua Daulay; Head of BMKG, Dwikorita Karnawati; and Director of JAMSTEC, Kunio Yoneyama. Kemenristek Dikti said that this event was very well carried out especially for collaborative research and technology with developed countries. The Head of BMKG presented material related to the challenges and innovations in atmospheric meteorology and science for the safety and guarantee of community prosperity. While the Director of JAMSTEC talked about a review of the Year of Maritime Continent (YMC) campaign since 2017-2019.

Besides keynote speakers, there were also other speakers as invited speakers, including Matthew C. Wheeler from BOM, Australia; Shigeo Yoden, Mamoru Yamamoto, Hiroyuki Hasiguchi, and Suichi Mori from Kyoto University, Japan; Piotr Fl or from California University, USA; Adrian Matthews from the University of East Anglia, UK; John Petch from Met Office, UK; Qosaku Moteki from JAMSTEC; Takahiro Osawa from Yamaguchi University, Japan; Fredolin Tangang from University of Malaysia; and other speakers from ITB, IPB, UNAND, BPPT, BMKG, and LAPAN.

This conference is one of the activities in the series of international collaboration of The Years of Maritime Continent (YMC) 2017-2019 which aims to improve understanding and predictive ability of the atmosphere. Weather and climate information in the BMI region is very important for the community and is expected to support national development in various sectors such as agriculture, fisheries, transportation, energy, environment, health and disaster management. So by following this event, it is expected that the participants as the younger generation, can be encouraged to continue to do research and technology that is beneficial to society. PSTA itself as an R & D Institute for atmospheric science and technology, is responsible for carrying out activities in the form of this international conference in order to benefit the wider community.

(PSTA LAPAN / SR dissemination)

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