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UMK Students Learn about the Application of Informatics Engineering in PSTA LAPAN
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Bandung, Tuesday (04/09/2018), A total of 83 students were accompanied by 9 lecturers from the Information Engineering Study Program of Muria Kudus University (UMK) visiting the LAPAN Atmospheric Science and Technology Center (PSTA). UMK lecturer, Alif Catur Mukti conveyed the purpose of this visit was that students of Informatics Engineering Study Program UMK learn the application of informatics techniques in research and development in LAPAN PSTA, which would later be applied to the final project / thesis.

Lilik Slamet Suprihatin, as the head of the field of PSTA Dissemination welcomed the visit of students and lecturers from UMK. He hopes, students can absorb the material delivered by the presenter and can be applied both in the lecture material and the organization at the UMK.

As a normal visit, PSTA presents LAPAN's institutional profile which consists of general explanations related to the organization, vision and mission, as well as the main tasks and functions (duties and functions) of each deputy and work unit on LAPAN. The material was delivered by Atep Radiana from the field of PSTA dissemination. Atep also explained in general the PSTA duties and functions such as research groups, the results of R & D in the form of DSS, and dissemination activities.

Subsequent material related to the development of flying laboratory technology was delivered by PSTA researcher, Sumaryati. It was stated that PSTA LAPAN developed a flying laboratory technology to observe the composition of the atmosphere consisting of pressure, temperature, humidity, and other atmospheric chemical parameters. These observations were made using LAPAN Surveillance Aircraft (LSA) and LAPAN Surveillance UAV (LSU) in the form of unmanned aircraft or drones.

The discussion session went smoothly and openly. The students actively asked the presenters which indicated that the high enthusiasm of the participants of the visit would be the material presented. Until the final panel discussion session, there were still many questions raised by students as well as lecturers who made the discussion session continue in the ASTINA room.

In the ASTINA room, Nani Cholianawati from the field of dissemination and Farid Lasmono from the program and facilities field, demonstrated the application of the results of PSTA R & D in the form of DSS consisting of SADEWA, SEMAR, SANTANU, SRIKANDI, and SRIRAMA to the visiting participants. With the material presented by the presenters, both in the auditorium and in the ASTINA room, the UMK students and lecturers showed their interest and enthusiasm towards PSTA. At the end of the visit, UMK lecturers expressed interest in applying PSTA R & D to students, through field work practices (PKL) or final projects.

(PSTA LAPAN / SR dissemination)

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