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LAPAN Call the Peak of the Drought Occurred in August
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The Center for Atmospheric Science and Technology of the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (PSTA LAPAN) said that August 2018 was the peak of the dry season. The beginning of the dry season itself has occurred in June 2018.

According to the member of 2018 PSTA LAPAN climate variability team, Erma Yulihastin, the dry season is seen from the aspect of the Monsoon wind from the East or Southeast which is uniform (homogeneous) occurring in the South of Indonesia.

Erma explained that besides the Monsoon wind, the temperature level and aspects of drought in the air and cloud coverage reinforced the current peak forecast for the dry season.

"Usually the drought peak will occur in August and will end in normal October, then November has changed the direction of the wind has changed from the winds into a barrage to make signs of the arrival of the rainy season. So so we need to monitor this, like what's the change in the wind from in general like that, "said Erma Yulihastin by telephone, Bandung, Sunday 5 August 2018.

However, Erma said, currently in the Pacific Ocean there are two weather anomalies, namely El Nino and La Nina. Erma said that the possibility of El Nino and La Nina disturbances continued to increase by 65 percent.

Erma explained that El Nino is expected to occur in September, October and November 2018. This is based on international research published by Columbia University.

The statement was corroborated by Australia's weather monitoring authority, which showed that of the eight models of global warming monitoring, five global weather monitoring models indicated that there would be an El Nino weather anomaly in the three months leading to the end of 2018. But Erma said Australia's weather monitoring authority model was normal. .

"While the five models of global weather monitors including those from the United States and the United Kingdom estimate the existence of El Nino in September, October and November. This is a problem if El Nino goes to our region," Erma said.

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