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PSTA LAPAN Establish Cooperation with Local Government of Bandung City in Utilization of Science and Atmospheric Technology
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Bandung, Friday (08/06/2018), Center for Atmospheric Science and Technology (PSTA) LAPAN signed a mutual agreement (MOU) with Pemeritah City Bandung. The signing of the agreement held at the Bandung Mayor's Office is done by the Main Secretary (Sestama) LAPAN, Erna Sri Adiningsih as the representative of LAPAN with the Provisional Officials (Pjs) of Mayor of Bandung, Muhamad Solihin.

Presented by Sestama LAPAN, the main duty and function of LAPAN is as an R & D institution that utilizes the observation either in insitu or with the help of satellite, then do research and development which then given to society in the form of service.

The main LAPAN program referred to as the One LAPAN Service consists of:

  1. Competency-based services include aviation science, technology, knowledge, as well as aviation and space policies.
  2. Application-based services such as data utilization developed in Decision Support System (DSS) in disaster management (SADEWA, SANTANU, SIMBA, SIPANDA, etc.), where these products can speed up information services and facilitate users.
  3. Unit-based Services consisting of technical centers, spur centers, driver bureaus, inspectorates, and observation centers.

Management Services for ministries and agencies, where such services should be able to be utilized by users to the very bottom line.

As LAPAN continues, therefore, cooperation with stakeholders (local / municipal governments) is the right target for service to all levels of society. In addition, based on the mandate in Law no. 21 year 2013 about space, LAPAN become component of IPTEK space development to increase prosperity of Indonesian society. Hopefully the research and development services conducted by LAPAN can be utilized by the region.

Based on the perspective of Bandung City Government, delivered by Pjs Mayor of Bandung related to flood disasters that often occur in the environment of Bandung, actually not from the city of Bandung itself. However, because the affected areas are in Bandung basin area, Bandung City becomes the affected area, both in the form of material and non-material losses.

So it is necessary to anticipate from the beginning related to extreme weather which can cause hydrometeorology disaster (flood, landslide, tornado, etc.) for Bandung city. Utilization of applications such as SADEWA and SANTANU is needed to be information and disaster mitigation for citizens of Bandung.

Discussion related to cooperation of science and technology utilization of this atmosphere has been done on May 30, 2018 at PSTA LAPAN office. Bandung Local Government led by the Head of Communications and Information Office, Ahyani Raksanagara invites related ranks such as Head of Statistics, Kabid Damkar (disaster), Head of Infrastructure, Head of Application Management, Head of Data Services, DPU, and Bureau of Cooperation.

PSTA LAPAN is headed by Head of Center, Halimurrahman introduce with technical team SADEWA, SANTANU, and DATA CENTER to give detail explanation related to work system and application utilization for society, especially Bandung society.

With the signing of this agreement, Bandung City Government hopes that the people of Bandung city can anticipate the flood disaster with the information from SADEWA and SANTANU through CCTV observation at Bandung Command Center, and can convey information to the community quickly and actual . Bandung City Government also expects the PSTA can provide general knowledge related to science and technology atmosphere to the relevant agencies through training and bimtek, so that information submitted to the community in accordance with its purpose.

(Dissemination PSTA LAPAN/SR)

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