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PARACITA ATMALOKA 2018 : Save Our Earth for Better Future
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Bandung - PSTA. On Saturday (05/12/2018), PSTA LAPAN held an Open House called Celebration of Atmospheric and Environmental Love (PARACITA ATMALOKA) in commemorating the World Earth Day which is celebrated every April 22nd as well as the World Environment Day which is celebrated every June 5th. In this year, with the theme "What can we do to care for the earth?", PSTA LAPAN again invites residents of Bandung Raya - Cimahi to participate in maintaining the earth through PARACITA ATMALOKA.

Unlike the previous year, PARACITA ATMALOKA 2018 has a series of events that trigger the interest of the students and students of Bandung - Cimahi to maintain the earth and the environment. In addition, teachers also enthusiastically participated in this open house by attending a mini workshop. The workshop which was held in the Sun Room of LAPAN was attended by dozens of high school teachers from Bandung high school - Cimahi was also a member of Bandung City office and students of SMP 01 Bandung.

The opening of mini workshop which is also the opening ceremony of PARACITA ATMALOKA 2018, conducted by Deputy of Space Science and Atmosphere, Afif Budiono, followed by speech by Head of Education Office of Prov. Jabar, Ahmad Hadadi. Previously delivered a report of activities by the Chief Executive, Atep Radiana, that PARACITA ATMALOKA is Earth Day Commemoration is intended as a recognition that the Earth is very useful for all human life, as well as living things.

Today Public awareness tends to decline to maintain, care for, and conserve Earth and the environment. Yet to preserve the environment is not only the responsibility of the Government, or individual only, but the responsibility of all parties. So with the implementation of PARACITA ATMALOKA 2018, in accordance with its purpose is expected this event can:

  1. Creating early awareness for the Student as a NATIONAL RESOURCE to be more concerned and actively participate in maintaining the Earth, and saving the environment.
  2. Growing creativity to contribute actively in maintaining the Earth and saving the environment despite the nature of simple things.
  3. Create the ability to be critical and care about current environmental conditions.
  4. Socializing PSTA research results to visitors.
  5. Giving general knowledge about the earth through entertaining games.


The core event of this mini workshop, which explains the material related to "Towards Green and Smart School" submitted by Head of Dissemination of PSTA, Lilik Slamet Suprihatin. It is explained that the Ministry of Environment has launched Green School program through Adiwiyata School Program. Adiwiyata program is expected to go to Adipura as a tribute to the cleanest City. This is because the citizens of the school are also citizens of the city. By planting environmental love in students, they will keep the environment wherever they are, including the city where they live until it will be realized to reach adipura.

While smart school is a program for schools that have used online and real time information for the services of school residents including school announcements, daily tests and general test and examination. The use of online and real time information services will result in paper less which means reducing the logging of trees in the forest (as raw paper material) and reducing the use of bleach and reducing waste to water bodies. PSTA's contribution to the smart school program lies in the use of SANTANU and SADEWA DSS as an online and real time information provider to students regarding weather conditions from home to school, so they can be ready to carry umbrellas or determine alternative roads in case of heavy rains causing flooding. The event ended with a discussion session from participants of mini workshop and presenter.

Moved to the exhibition held in the field of ceremony LAPAN Bandung, a variety of interesting and educational rides presented to the visitors who come from various backgrounds and ages. The exhibitions presented include: DSS PSTA LAPAN (SADEWA, SEMAR, SRIRAMA, SANTANU, and SRIKANDI) products, Mount Blasting Simulation, Rainbow Color, and games educating "Mr. Bean "and" Uno Stacko ". Also present a special booth from KSHU LAPAN also sponsored products and bazaars that celebrate this event.

In addition to the exhibition presented, as previously described PARACITA ATMALOKA this year held various competitions that honed the creativity of high school students / SMKs in Bandung Raya Cimahi in understanding the phenomenon of weather and climate, and the earth and environment of Indonesia, through the race "Earth and Environment Reporting" competition "Scientific Writing (KTI)" which is also followed by the general public, as well as the "Debate" contest. Of the dozens of participants who joined enliven, got 3 Winners in each race.

CONTEST Reporting to 1-3 won by Nurul Wahidah Qurottu'ayni Beads of SMAN 23 Bandung, Farraz Arsyeila of MAN 1 Bandung, and Vina Agustin of SMA Kartika XIX-2 Bandung. Debate Competition Winner to 1-3 won by a team from SMAN 20 SMA Space, and SMAN 14. CONTEST KTI to 1-3 high school category was won by Devina Alfiani P of SMAN 22 Bandung, Qolbi Luthfiansyah Sufiana of SMAN 27 Bandung, and Raffyanda Muhammad Indrajaya from SMAN 23 Bandung. While the winners of the contest KTI general category is Giyat Nuraeni and team from ITB.

In addition to high school students, also held a race to hone the creativity of junior high school students throughout Bandung Raya Cimahi through the race "Earth Ambassador LAPAN". Perlomaan similar to rank 1 is followed by approximately 30 junior and won by 3 champions, in the name of Barbie Gusriyani and Zahara Nur Pearl of SMAN 26 Bandung, as well as Christy Cracelia of SMPK Trimulia. The elementary school students also show their skill by following the "Coloring of Blacu Bag" contest. The coloring competition is divided into 2 categories:

  1. Class 1-3 was won by Zia Zaina Zulayka Adrienne from SD Muhammadiyah 1, Deandra Gladys Purnama from SDN Angkasa 05, and Ghaina Fathiyyah Azzahra from Al Kautsar Cibeureum Islamic Elementary School.
  2. Class 4-6 was won by Qanita Zamira from SDN Angkasa 05, Zahra Tsumrotul from SDN Sarijadi, and Kezia Risty Asyifa from SD Merdeka

The event closed at 12:00 pm by the Head of PSTA, Halimurrahman, with some messages to the visitors to keep increasing the sensitivity in maintaining the earth and the environment. A good future will be created when the conditions of the earth are also good, and a good earth will be created if we as residents can maintain and maintain it well. "Save Our Earth for Better Future", let's re-enliven Paracita Atmaloka 2019!

(Dissemination PSTA LAPAN / SR)

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