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PSTA attended the exhibition "Indonesia Science Day" in Taman Mini
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For 3 days (20 - 22 April 2018) PSTA in particular and LAPAN generally follow the exhibition "Indonesia Science Day" in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII), Jakarta. The exhibition was held in the series of TMII's 43rd anniversary and the birthday of Center for Demonstration (PP) Science and Technology. In addition to LAPAN, this exhibition was also attended by several other non-ministry research institutes (LPNK) such as BPPT and BATAN. Some SOEs and universities also participate such as PT. Biofarma, PT. INTI, Pindad, LEN, Dahana, PT. INKA, UNPAD, UNAIR, UNIBRAW, Telkom University, Polman Bandung, UNJ, UGM, BINUS University, UNS, ISTN, Poltek Bandung, Poltek Negeri Semarang, UNES, UPI, UNJ, and UPH (Universitas Pelita Harapan). Not to forget also the TNI show off alutsita (main tool weapon system) and some other facilities owned. Based largely on the membership of public and private universities.

At this exhibition PSTA exhibits Decision Support System (DSS) products. The five DSS (Sadewa, Srirama, Santanu, Srikandi, Semar) were exhibited in the form of displays on the 50-inch monitor and one 19-inch monitor. In addition are displayed also brochures and leaflets that each brochure explains the DSS.

The exhibition is an event for PSTA to socialize research and development products. From the exhibition is expected PSTA can introduce LAPAN further in the community. In addition, this exhibition is also a container PSTA to establish cooperation with other agencies.

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