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PSTA Conducts Technical Support of Decision Support System in Pontianak City
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On Tuesday, April 17, 2018 the Bandung-based LAPAN Center for Science and Technology (PSTA) held a Technical Guidance 5 Decision Support System (DSS) which is owned and is the result of the PSTA R & D. The five DSS are Sadewa (Satelite-based Disaster Early Warning System), Santanu (Spatial Rain Observation System), Srikandi (Indonesian Atmospheric Composition Information System), Srirama (Indonesia Climate Change Information System), and Semar (Maritime Information System).

Bimtek event was held in the meeting room of Mayor of Pontianak which started by singing Indonesia Raya and continued greeting by both parties (PSTA and Mayor of Pontianak). Bimtek event was attended by participants who came from 9 related government officials in the Pontianak City Government and academics from the University of Tanjung Pura and the Center for Observation of Space and Atmospheric (BPAA) Pontianak. After the speech, this Bimtek event was continued with the presentation of LAPAN and PSTA Profiles by the Head of Dissemination of PSTA. From the city of Pontianak itself presents the exposure of the Head of Service Electronics (Syamsul Akbar) who discuss about Smart City in Pontianak. Subsequently, resource persons from PSTA researchers submitted DSS products starting from Laras Tursilowati with DSS Srirama, Iis Sofiati with Semar DSS, Waluyo Eko Cahyono with Drikandi Srikandi exposure and air quality monitoring. The event stopped temporarily for lunch and zuhur prayer which was previously held a general discussion. The enthusiasm of the participants was evident from the time when the discussion was divided into two terms and from the Pontianak Department of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries intend to cooperate with PSTA after seeing the Semar DSS presented. According to the Service there is more than Semar DSS that distinguishes it with similar Information Systems that this Service already has and obtained from other agencies.

After a one-hour break, the show starts again exactly at 13:00 which was started by a PSTA researcher presentation, Soni Aulia Rahayu describing Santanu and giving a brief application brief. After Ayu, the event continued with the presentation by Farid Lasmono who gave bimtek about Sadewa system application. Sadewa is an early warning information of current weather conditions and can predict weather conditions for up to two days ahead at a 5 km resolution. After the two speakers presented their presentation, the event continued with discussion. The event closed at exactly 15:30 WIB closed by the Head of Dissemination of PSTA (Lilik Slamet S).

BSSTEK DSS activities owned by PSTA is to fill the cooperation agreement (PKS) which has been signed by PSTA and Communication and Informatics Office (Diskominfo) of Pontianak City as well as obligation from PSTA to Pontianak Municipal Government. Need to know MCC between PSTA and Diskominfo Pontianak City was signed on January 25, 2018 ago and is valid for the next three years.

In this activity also conducted pre test and post test to bimtek participants. Pre test and post test is one of them aims to measure the success of this activity. Evaluation of PSTA bimtek activities consists of two types: bimtek participants evaluation and evaluation bimtek committee. Evaluation of bimtek participants is done with pre test and post test while the evaluation of bimtek committee by the existence of community satisfaction survey (SKM). Based on SKM filled by bimtek participants can be known indices of public satisfaction of this form of PSTA services.

PSTA entourage in Pontianak city not only organize bimtek, but also carry out the compilation of terms of reference work (KAK) from PKS that has been signed to both parties. This TOR contains detailed (detailed) activities of each of the liabilities carried out by both parties on a time-by-side basis and includes the budget. The drafting of KAK was conducted on Wednesday, April 18, 2018 at Diskominfo office in Pontianak City.

On the same occasion in Diskominfo Pontianak City is also being visited by Salatiga City Government of Central Java. After getting permission from Diskominfo city of Pontianak, PSTA presented DSS products owned by PSTA. Although only get a little time, but from the City Government has got the PSTA presentation file.

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