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Pontianak City Government Apparatus Trained Use Sadewa and Santanu Applications
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The National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN) in collaboration with the Pontianak Municipal Government held technical guidance (training) on the application of Satellite-Based Disaster Early Warning System (Sadewa) and Spatial Rainwater Monitoring System (Santanu) in the Meeting Room of the Mayor's Office, Tuesday (17/4).

Bimtek is held to provide debriefing for participants consisting of the staff of the Office of Communications and Informatics (Diskominfo) Pontianak City, subdistrict and kelurahan apparatus and Organization of the Regional Device (OPD) associated with the use of such applications.

Plt Regional Secretary (Sekda) Pontianak City, Uray Indra Mulya said, currently LAPAN applications that have been integrated with Gencil application belonging to the new Pontianak municipal government applications Sadewa.

"Through this technical guidance all applications and our cooperation with LAPAN will all be integrated in Gencil applications," he said.

According to him, the technical guidance of the use of Sadewa and Santanu applications is a follow-up of cooperation between LAPAN with Pontianak municipal government. Uray rate, the presence of this application is very good because it can predict the weather the next three days, as well as the results of three days back can also be seen. "In addition to the two applications, LAPAN will also deliver the results of research and development from LAPAN Pusat," he added.

He said thank you to LAPAN because the application has been long-awaited. Admittedly, as long as it is possible to see the weather using various applications and information from google. But with the presence of such applications is really special weather information and more specific for the area of Pontianak City. "Later also not only these two applications, but there will be further cooperation-cooperation with LAPAN so it is really beneficial for the city of Pontianak," said Uray.

Head of Dissemination of Atmospheric Science and Technology Center (PSTA) LAPAN Bandung, Lilik Slamet, who is also a speaker, explained that it is currently a new application Sadewa already integrated with Gencil application, while Santanu application has not been integrated. This is because Santanu application requires a ship radar modified into weather radar and placed in the Observation Center Space and Atmospheric (BPAA) LAPAN Pontianak. "While the radar placement was only done last month at BPPA-LAPAN Pontianak," he said.

He added, Santanu application is useful to monitor the rain conditions at a radius of 44 kilometers (km) from the radar was placed in the same time. Unlike Sadewa's predictions based on time applications Santanu based on the space scale at the same time. "For example in the city of Pontianaki not rain, then we want to travel to the north or south, we can know the radius is still rain or not.In one rain place, in other locations not rain, can we monitor through Santanu application," Lilik light .

Related technical guidance delivered, in addition to training the use of applications Sadewa and Santanu, it also introduced the application of Maritime Embaran System (Semar). The Semar application provides information related to the safety route of the voyage. The safety path information can be utilized by fishermen, from where they come to go to sea until he gets the catch of fish. "Even Semar application also provides information on potential fish location," he said.

Admittedly, Semar application is still in development stage so it can not be used. Then it also has application of Information System of Indonesia Atmospheric Composition (Srikandi).

Source: Tribun Pontianak.

Image Source: Gencil News

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