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PSTA Disseminates SADEWA DSS Development Results for INA-MHEWS
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Bandung (PSTA), Wednesday (18/4/2018), Deputy of Science and Space Science (LAPAN) held a "Socialization of DSS Development Results to support the Indonesian Multi Hazard Early Warning System (INA-MHEWS) program. The event took place at the Auditorium LAPAN Bandung was held from 10:00 to 14:00 pm with the opening related exposure Service One LAPAN by LAPAN Design, Afif Budiyono. In accordance with the name of the event to support the INA-MHEWS program which is a program owned by BNPB, there were about 15 BNPB employees including Deputy of Prevention and Preparedness of BNPB, Bernandus Wisnu Widjadja to explain the INA-MHEWS program to LAPAN.

In addition to employees of BNPB, also attended the Deputy of Aerospace Technology LAPAN, Rika Andiarti and the leadership of 6 Satker LAPAN consisting of:
• Head of PSTA: Halimurrahman
• Head of Pussainsa: Clara Yono Yatini
• Head of Pustekbang: Gunawan Setyo Prabowo
• Head of Pusteksat: Mujtahid
• Head of Pusfatja: M. Rokhis Khomarudin
• Head of Data Pustek: Dedi Irawadi
who presented their respective activities and superior products (DSS) of each satker related to early warning and disaster monitoring systems to support the INA-MHEWS program.

Also present in this socialization event is the Bureau of KSHU LAPAN, the researcher / engineer of 6 satker LAPAN accompanying the leader, also the researcher / engineer of Pokmas Hidrometeorologi Disease and Atmospheric Technologies PSTA which play a role in development of disaster monitoring dss to support INA-MHEWS program that is SADEWA and SANTANU, Maritime Atmospheric Capacity, Quality Manager, and Head of PSTA Program and Facilities.

BNPB explains that the purpose of INA-MHEWS program is none other than to:
• Facilitate governments and policymakers to work together to improve the quality of information services at regional, national and international levels through MHEWS;
• Provide facilities to share information in an integrated system on all risks of natural disasters in Indonesia;
• Integrate a multi-threat early-disaster warning system that can be directly responded by the community;
• Provide rapid and accurate disaster warning information to the community on a wide scale of observation.

On this occasion, BNPB invites LAPAN to take part in the INA-MHEWS program by providing baseline data for both direct observation / satellite, providing information on the results of the data analysis (related to threats, vulnerabilities, risks and disaster monitoring), and providing information services and communications related to aviation and other space technologies.

With the exposure of DSS results by 6 satker LAPAN, it is known that each satker has a product that supports the INA-MHEWS program such as space weather observation and spacecraft object by Pussainsa; capacity building of LSU and LSA for disaster by Pustekbang; Monitoring of ORARI A1-A5 LAPAN satellite by Pusteksat; SIMBA by Pusfatja; and Spacemap by Pustekdata.

PSTA itself proposed SADEWA as a DSS for hydrometeorological disaster monitoring which can be used as an early warning system to support INA-MHEWS program. With SADEWA, PSTA also supports the national disaster prevention and preparedness program in the 2019 Tough Disaster Desa program through:

• Improved observation infrastructure;

• Development of high resolution hydrometeorological computing infrastructures / predictions;

• Research and development of a hydrometeorology disaster early warning system.

In addition to SADEWA, the DSS from Atmsofer Technology Poklit in the form of a spatial rain monitoring radar named SANTANU is also proposed to play a role in supporting the INA-MHEWS program. Together with BNPB as a partner of LAPAN, PSTA is ready to develop SADEWA and SANTANU capable of enhancing the national capacity for the prevention and alertness of hydrometeorological disasters. In order to follow up the cooperation / partners, in accordance with the exposure of LAPAN Desiccants related to One LAPAN Service, namely LAPAN has proposed to BNPB 1 information service program based on IPTEK Aviation and Space to support INA-MHEWS program consisting of 5 activities, wider and more detailed discussed in discussion session. BNPB requires technical and data that can support early warning system to the community, especially in disaster prone areas. BNPB expects a follow-up meeting to discuss the follow-up plan in support of this INA-MHEWS program. The socialization was then closed by visiting participants to the Space Weather Information and Forecast Services (SWIFTS) room at Pussainsa as well as a visit to the Atmospheric Science and Technology Information System (ASTINA) room and the atmospheric science data center room named Information at Graha Pranata Science and Atmospheric Technology (Indraprasta) at PSTA.

(Dissemination PSTA LAPAN / SR)

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