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Senior University of Maryland Researcher Gives Indonesian Marine Dynamics Colloquium to Researchers and Engineers PSTA
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Bandung, Wednesday (28/03/2018), Senior Researcher of Atmospheric and Oceanography Science from University of Maryland USA, R. Dwi Susanto, P.hD visited PSTA LAPAN Bandung. Senior Researcher who is also a Lecturer at the Bandung Institute of Technology is known expert in the field of marine dynamics and its interaction with the dynamics of the atmosphere of Indonesia through its publications. On this occasion, Dwi Susanto gave colloquium related to Indonesian Marine Dynamics to researchers and engineers in PSTA LAPAN environment. The colloquium held in the Atmospheric Science Meeting Room was attended by researchers, engineers, CPNS, and PPNPN PAPA LAPAN. The colloquium opened with remarks as well as a brief presentation of the LAPAN PSTA and its thupolis by the Head of PSTA, Halimurrahman. It is explained that PSTA LAPAN has various research groups (poklit), observation laboratories and decision support systems (DSS) that can be utilized by the community to obtain information related to science and atmospheric technology. Exposure to the focus of the research undertaken by the PSTA is the opening of material to be presented at colloquium, where the topic on colloquium is closely related to the research focus on various poklit in PSTA, especially Maritime Atmospheric poklit, Climate Change, and Hydrometeorological Disaster Potential. Some materials related to the use of SAR and the impact of climate change caused by ENSO on the increasing number of hotspots in Indonesia's forests are also closely related to the focus of the Atmospheric and Atmospheric Technologies poklit research, so this colloquium is very important and useful for researchers and engineers attending PSTA.

Described by Dwi Susanto that the dynamics of sea-atmosphere interaction is very influential on weather and climate in Indonesia. Recent marine - atmospheric phenomena such as tropical cyclones and ENSO (El Niño / La Niña) are known to cause extreme climates in Indonesia to become wetter or drier than normal. It is not uncommon to cause hydrometeorological disaster that can be troubling and harming various sectors of life in Indonesia. But in reality the Indonesian marine dynamics that interact with the atmosphere of Indonesia is very complex, described some other phenomena such as Monsoon, Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD), Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO), Walker Circulation, Kelvin Waves, Rosby Waves, and Tidal Waves affect the condition of the sea and the atmosphere of Indonesia. Its influence on the conditions of the ocean, as has been written several times in its publication, impacts the Indonesian Through Flow (ITF), thermal structure, circulation, mixing, upwelling, and of course the fishery conditions. Based on these explanations, it can be concluded that the Indonesian sea plays an important role in the circulation of the sea and the world climate. Therefore mitigation in facing the impact of climate phenomena such as ENSO, IOD, Monsoon, MJO, and so forth is very necessary. So that the development of numerical model related to sea interaction and atmsofer is very important to do. Also briefly described by Dwi Susanto global ocean-atmosphere circulation models that have been developed by NOAA. The presence of colloquium is very open understanding and insight of the participants will the dynamics of the sea of Indonesia and its interaction with the atmosphere that affect the weather and climate in Indonesia. Questions raised during the discussion sessions make the colloquium feel more alive and interactive. The colloquium was closed in the hope of a research collaboration between LAPAN and the University of Maryland (NOAA) in developing a model for the mitigation of the impact of the Indonesian marine-atmospheric dynamics phenomenon.

(PSTA LAPAN Dissemination /SR)

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