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FGD NARADA: Effort to Realization of Integrity Zone of WBK / WBBM in PSTA
News Writter : • Photographers : • 21 Mar 2018 • Read : 435 x ,

Bandung, Tuesday (20/03/2018), Center for Atmospheric Science and Technology LAPAN Bandung organized Focus Group Discussion related to e-office system to support reporting, monitoring and evaluation and office management named NARADA. The event which was held in the Atmosphere Meeting Room was attended by LAPAN employees from Bureau of Human Resources, KSHU, Inspectorate, Balai Sumedang, Pussainsa, and PSTA itself.

Network Atmosphere Narration (NARADA) is an Intranet & Virtual Office PSTA-LAPAN application as a means of Communication, Coordination, and Collaboration (K3) among employees in the PSTA environment. In NARADA all or any group can collaborate in creating documents collectively (reports, articles, papers, etc.) by accessing a single place to find the various information needed on the PSTA.

The e-office system that is still in the development phase is expected to support efforts to realize the Integrity Zone of Free Area of Corruption / and the Area of Service-Free Bureaucracy (WBK / WBBM). The NARADA application also improves work efficiency by implementing Online Document that supports paperless concepts. In addition, this NARADA application also makes collusion-free between reporters and examiners of evaluation reports that can create a corruption-free office atmosphere.

The background of NARADA's establishment is to optimize the utilization of information and communication technology (ICT) for the implementation of tasks and functions, also modernize the bureaucracy, improve the quality of administrative services, and simplify the system, procedures, mechanisms and effective work control.

The e-office system developed by PSTA is managed by the Program Laboratory, Program Field and Platform Facility Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware. TIKI stands for Tightly Integrated Knowledge Infrastructure and Wiki means quick (quick). Tiki Wiki is a Content Management System (CMS), an application for managing website management. Tiki Wiki is also a Groupware, which is an application that facilitates to build collaboration between users.

The use of Tiki Wiki platform in NARADA is because it is open source, open source, and free and has the most features and complete. It is also a stable system, good performance, safe, and easy to customize and can be run by various operating system (windows, mac, linux) with a website based that can be accessed easily by any browser.

The discussions created in this FGD became a forum for sharing experiences related to e-office system development by PSTA, as well as being a means to receive suggestions, inputs, as well as support to improve efficiency, performance, productivity, creativity and synergy, as part of the Center for Science and Technology Bureaucratic Reform.

(Dissemination PSTA LAPAN / SR)

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