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SMP IT Al-Hikmah Learning Atmospheric Science and Technology at PSTA LAPAN
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Bandung - PSTA, Friday (23/02/2018), as many as 90 students and 10 lecturers of Al-Hikmah Jakarta Islamic High School (SMP IT) visited PSTA LAPAN to learn more about Atmospheric Science and Technology. The visit, which was attended by students of grade VII, VIII, and IX, was guided by faculty members with different scientific backgrounds, and was very interested in the science and technology of the atmosphere, especially related to weather and climate in Indonesia.

The giving of material related to PSTA profile along with tupoksi and its superior products is done by Djoko Trianas, as PSTA Public Relation in Atmospheric Science Meeting Room. It was explained that PSTA has several decision support systems (DSS) that are now freely accessible to the public through the website, namely SADEWA, SANTANU, SEMAR, SRIKANDI, and SRIRAMA.

He also explained briefly and clearly related to weather, climate, and season in Indonesia which recently disturb society to cause hidrometeorologis disaster, like flood, landslide, and tornado. The high curiosity of the students opened a discussion session in the form of a question - answer to the PSTA.

 Further exposure to weather and climate phenomena and their performance in Indonesia is conducted in the Atmospheric Science and Technology Information System (ASTINA) room. Described by Shailla Rustiana, from the field of PSTA Dissemination related to DSS PSTA products, regarding its use and utilization. Discussion sessions resumed in tandem with the high interest and curiosity of the students.

The discussions that took place during this visit went smoothly and openly. The information and presentation presented by the PSTA enhances the students' insight as well as the Al - Hikmah IT junior high school staff, as shown by the high enthusiasm of the participants who actively participate in answering and asking questions.

(Dissemination PSTA LAPAN Bandung / SR)

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