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Pontianak City Government and LAPAN MoU Weather Information to Application Gencil, Easy Weather Checks
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The National Aeronautics and Space Agency (LAPAN) cooperates with the Pontianak Municipal Government (Pemkot). The cooperation is set forth in a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed by both parties, namely Head of LAPAN RI, Thomas Djamaluddin and Pontianak Mayor Sutarmidji in Pontive Center Room, Thursday (25/1/2018). In the MoU, the form of cooperation is the integration of data and information owned by LAPAN with applications owned by Pontianak City Government, namely Gencil.

Head of LAPAN RI, Thomas Djamaluddin explained, the main part of the memorandum of understanding is followed up through cooperation agreement that is information of Satellite-based Disaster Early Warning System (Sadewa) or satellite-based early warning system. The information provides extreme weather conditions throughout Indonesia and can be utilized for the area of Pontianak City. The data is a combination of weather satellite image data with atmospheric model results. "So we can estimate the current condition, the condition of clouds, rain and other extreme conditions up to the next three days." Through this information, Pontianak City can provide information to anticipate the possibility of disaster especially flood, "he said. In addition, continued Thomas, in mid-2018, it plans to install radar Santanu. Radar that serves to detect the extreme rainfall will be installed in the Hall LAPAN Pontianak. Through the radar also, information on extreme conditions of rainfall bise known. Call it, the areas that need to be considered the upstream area later when extreme rainfall occurred that impact on the possibility of flood disaster. Thus it can be anticipated that at that time there will be a flood seen from the forecast model that existed in Sadewa, combined with Santanu radar data. "Information on extreme conditions that can be an early warning for the ranks in Pontianak municipal government to perform preventive and anticipatory measures," he explained.

Mayor of Pontianak, Sutarmidji revealed, the cooperation is increasingly complementing the information available in Gencil application so that the public or smartphone users can also access weather conditions, both in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, throughout Indonesia and even the world. According to him, it is important to familiarize the public know the weather information in the region he lived. "So when there are things that are dangerous like a disaster, we already know and can anticipate it so as not to fall victim," he said. Not only that, the presentation of this information is also as a vehicle for public education. The weather information is also important for the world of shipping, fishing and others who need weather information. "The weather information presented LAPAN accuracy is quite high," said Sutarmidji.

The connection with the geographical location of Pontianak located at zero degrees of Latitude North-South Latitude in Equator Monument, mayor of this two periods request to LAPAN to find the right jargon so interesting to be sold as a tourist attraction. With note, the jargon is scientific. During this time, he explained, just to commemorate the culmination of the sun without digging deeper into the interesting things of the culmination. "That's what we have to dig up and lift to the surface, hopefully LAPAN can give input, then we formulate the jargon so interesting people come to Pontianak and enjoy Equator line," he concluded.

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