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Vigilant, Tropical Cyclone Seedlings Stalking Aceh Waters
06 Dec 2017 • Read : 1301 x ,

After the Cempaka and Dahlia storms fled Indonesia, tropical cyclone seeds emerged near the border of Aceh province with the Bay of Bengal, northeast of the Indian Ocean.

The emergence of tropical cyclone seeds was revealed after the National Aeronautics and Space Research Center (LAPAN) observed data of surface pressure, cloud cover and wind velocity with the highest surface wind speed of 53 kilometers per hour.

According to researcher PSTA LAPAN Erma Yulihastin, it forms a low-pressure system of tropical depressions in meso scale with a radius area of approximately 300 kilometers or as wide as the island of Borneo.

"With a central position in the Bay of Bengal in coordinates 9.26 degrees North latitude and 88.56 degrees East Longitude which is relatively close to the northwest of Aceh," said Erma in a written statement received by in Bandung, West Java, Wednesday / 12/2017).

The conditions in the Bay of Bengal are worth watching out for because of the continuing tropical depression in the same area. "It can develop into a tropical storm and then turns into a tropical cyclone if it is supported by warmer sea-surface temperatures," he added.

Based on LAPAN monitoring, there was warming of sea surface temperature throughout the Bay of Bengal region. In contrast, sea surface temperatures on the west coast of northern Sumatra are cooling.

Erma explained, the impact on the weather is strong winds and heavy rain potentially occur in northern Sumatra. It will mainly be concentrated in the eastern coastal area of northern Sumatra.

 This is because the low pressure center has drawn winds on the surface of the Karimata and South China Sea straits. "And increase the convective activity in the boundary between the sea and the east coast of Sumatra," he said.

Erma explained, the Asian monsoon wind that blew from the South China Sea to the Indonesian territory, became disturbed or weakened its strength with the presence of tropical depression. This impacts the intensity of rain in southern Indonesia, including Java, which is predicted to be reduced for 2-3 days.

Tropical depression, which is currently formed in northwest Aceh, is the effect of persistent Borneo vortex formation since late November.

This vortex, according to Erma, then shifts westward to the territory of Malaysia and Singapore. The meeting of the vortex with the northern monsoon on the South China Sea has turned the vortex into a tropical depression or storm in northwest Aceh.

The strong interaction of Borneo vortex and northern winds called Cold Surge has been studied by meteorologist CP Chang in 2003. Especially, as a major generator of the phenomenal cyclone formation of Vamei in 2001.

Because, it occurs in areas very close to the equator (less than 5 degrees North latitude). "And recorded as the first tropical cyclone that happened," said Erma.

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Source: Liputan 6. Image Source: Tropical Prediction Center

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