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STMIK Sinar Nusantara Students Knowing Deeper About Atmospheric and Space Technology in LAPAN Bandung
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Bandung – PSTA. On Monday, 13/02/2017, 145 students accompanied by five lecturers from the College of Informatics and Computer Management (STMIK) Sinar Nusantara from Surakarta, Solo visit PSTA and Pussainsa LAPAN Bandung to recognize and delve deeper into relevant topic about Atmospheric and Space Technology

Visits are conducted in Bandung LAPAN Auditorium and opened by the PSTA Head of Dissemination, Adi Witono. LAPAN's profile further described in general by the PSTA Dissemination Division's reseracher, Haries Satyawardhana. The presentation explained that LAPAN has several research centers scattered across Indonesia with a focal different range of research, laboratories and products. The explanations provide new knowledge to the students related to LAPAN.

Related topic to Atmospheric Science and Technology presented by another PSTA Dissemination Division researcher, Nani Cholianawati. As the visits that had been held earlier, she describes a general overview specifically related to the Atmospheric Sciences, ranging from the history of the earth, the layers of the atmosphere, the atmosphere relationship with earth, until affecting atmospheric environmental impact of weather and climate on Earth, and so forth.

As the implementation of the technology, described Decision Support System (DSS) of LAPAN-PSTA, such as the Satellite-based Disaster Early Warning System (SADEWA), Maritime Information System (SEMAR), Indonesia Atmospheric Composition Information Systems (SRIKANDI) and Spatial Precipitation Spatial Monitoring System (SANTANU) which can be accessed easily via the internet, for earth condition atmospheric monitoring in Indonesia.

Topic related to Space Technology presented by Rizal Suryana of Pussainsa Program and Facility Division. He explains the general to specific idea related to space technology used in observations. Technological task described to build a network using Virtual Private Network (VPN) from the LAPAN offices in Indonesia to facilitate access to transfer data to the head office in Bandung. With a system of data transfer via File Transfer Protocol (FTP), safely guaranteed by the protocol Secure Shell (SSH), and then synchronized with LAPAN's data center using specific network Storage Area Network (SAN).

Technologies explained above are used for space data processing, frequency predictions system, falling space objects observations and space weather prediction (in the form of solar observations, geomagnetic and ionosphere). Predictions of space weather is important to do as mitigation activities in space, such as a satellite launch, the rocket launch, and another.

Given the interesting and very relevant topic to the field of Information Technology, adding high insight and curiosity for the STMIK Sinar Nusantara students related to atmospheric and space science technology. This is shown with questions and answers session in the discussions that went smoothly, interactive and open. The visit was then concluded with a visit to media center Atmospheric Science and Technology Information System Astina guided by Farid Lasmono of PSTA Dissemination Division.

( PSTA LAPAN Dissemination ,Bandung/SR)

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