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STMIK Students of Prabumulih, South Sumatra Learning about Application of Information Technology in PSTA LAPAN
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Bandung – PSTA. On Wednesday(8/02/2017), total of 60 STIMIK students of Prabumulih, South Sumatra and their supervisors visited the PSTA-LAPAN to study the application of information technology in it.

The visit, as described by the supervisor, aims to determine the application of technology in supporting the research process and administration of PSTA-LAPAN which would then be reported by students.

Before explaining about information technology in PSTA, Head of Dissemination PSTA-LAPAN, Adi Witono describes brief LAPAN's profile to students ranging from basic tasks, functions, organizational structure, core competencies, seven major programs, Decision Support Systems (DSS), to general description of systems and information technology related to weather and climate applied in the PSTA.

Further discussed by Nani Cholianawati of PSTA Dissemination Division, about research and development facilities in PSTA, web based information system applied in PSTA consists of SADEWA (Satellite-based Disaster Early Warning System), BISMA (Indonesia Atmospheric Database), Semar (Maritime Information System), and SRIKANDI (Indonesia Atmospheric Composition Information Systems), which will further described more detail in the ASTINA room (Atmospheric Science and Technology Information System).

The participants were then invited to visit media center in PSTA, ASTINA. The detail of the information in ASTINA described by PSTA researcher, Farid Lasmono. Inside ASTINA are several information systems, including ARJUNA (Atmospheric Journey Arcade), NAKULA (Naration of Main Competencies of LAPAN - PSTA), BIMA (Atmospheric Model Interactive Guidance), YUDISTYRA (Yearn to Understand Issues in Science and Technology Research of the Atmosphere), SANTANU, SRIKANDI, SEMAR and SADEWA.

The discussion between students and the PSTA LAPAN running smoothly, interactive and open, widen the horizons of students to produce positive understanding related to the application of information technologies and systems for atmospheric science and technology research .

(PSTA LAPAN Dissemination, Bandung/AW)

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