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Technical Guidance Application Service

In accordance with PP No. 14 PNBP LAPAN, PSTA provides Technical Guidance services consisting of 7 (seven) types of services. Applicants can apply for Technical Guidance services by paying attention to the following information flow.

1. Applicant downloads information on the types, information and costs of Technical Guidance that are available here.
2. Applicant fills in the Technical Guidance Application Form here.
- The data entered is valid and complete data
3. Within 7 working days, the applicant will get an answer from the Head of PSTA regarding the application for technical assistance submitted.
4. Applicants are required to pay the Technical Guidance implementation fee fees that have been billed

5. Applicants will get a schedule and the Technical Guidance module.
6. If the Technical Guidance schedule not appropriate, the applicant must notify the Head of PSTA in writing to reschedule.
7. Implementation of Technical Guidance will be carried out by PSTA according to the specified schedule and module.
8. At the end of the Technical Guidance, the participants are required to fill out a community satisfaction survey.
9. Technical Guidance participants get certificates from Head of PSTA.

Kontak kami :
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