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LAPAN: Jakarta Floods Due to Strengthening of Winds from the South China Sea
25 Feb 2020

DKI Jakarta and its surrounding areas were affected by flooding due to heavy rain. The National Aeronautics and Space Agency (LAPAN) explained that the flood was caused by the strengthening of the wind coming from the South China Sea.

"That the Jakarta flood event within 3 days, due to the strengthening of winds from the north on the surface of the atmosphere originating from the South China Sea which is meteorologically often called CENS (Cross Equatorial Northerly Surge), brought cold water vapor and clouds from the Karimata strait since the date February 18, 2019, "Lapan Atmospheric Science and Technology Researcher Trismidianto told reporters on Tuesday (2/25/2020).

Trismidianto said this analysis was based on observations of the TREAK (Disaster Analysis Reaction Team) Center for Atmospheric Science and Technology. In addition, he explained that heavy rain was also strengthened because of Tropical Cyclone.

"It has also been maintained or strengthened by the Tropical Cyclone since February 22 until now so that the formation of local convective clouds has caused persistent early rain over Jakarta," he said.

He also reminded, persistent rain like this is still likely to occur in the next two to three days. "And it also needs to be aware that persistent rain like this is likely to continue for the next 2-3 days," he said.

Previously, the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) released a map of the distribution of rain. Based on the map of the distribution of rain, it appears that some regions experienced extreme rainfall since 07.00 WIB, Monday (02/24/2020).

Some of these areas were recorded at the Kemayoran Meteorological Station, Pulo Gadung Water Gate, Pulomas, Manggarai, Halim PK and East Sunter I. The highest rainfall intensity was recorded at the Kemayoran Meteorological Station with a RR 278 mm / day.

For monitoring the map of the distribution of rain per 09.00 WIB, Tuesday (25/2), rain in the Jabotabek area occurs very light and light rain. Nosig wind conditions (no significant) or no weather changes.

News source: Detik

Image source: Modul Pusdiklat BMKG

04 Dec 2019

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