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Quarterly Evaluation to Monitor the Progress of Decision Support System Development Research
News Writter : • Photographers : • 04 Jul 2020

Evaluation is closely related to the target to be achieved by the organization. Likewise, PSTA-LAPAN conducts an evaluation in the second quarter of the 2020 Fiscal Year as an important part of the running of a program based on the references of PSTA-LAPAN as a research and development institution for atmospheric science and technology.

Thursday-Friday, 2-3 July 2020 PSTA-LAPAN conducts an evaluation of PSTA-LAPAN activities for the second quarter of the 2020 Budget Year. Located at the PSTA-LAPAN, evaluation report activities are carried out while still observing health protocols for Work From participants Office (WFO). Virtual meeting communication media is used to bridge the evaluation participants in the second quarter who are carrying out Work From Home (WFH). Deputy of Space and Atmospheric Sciences, Ir. Halimurrahman, MT. Present as Evaluator and Drs. Afif Budiyono, MT. as Chief Engineer of the activity through telemeeting with other participants.

The event was opened by the Head of PSTA, Dr. Didi Satiadi and then the Dissemination activity report was delivered later by Dr. Lilik Slamet Supriatin as the Dissemination Coordinator, Program and Facility activities, Dr. Didi Satiadi as Program and Facility Coordinator, Administrative activities, Sudirman, MAP. as the Administrative Coordinator, and the activities of the Agam Space and Observation Center (BPAA), Syafrijon, M.Sc. as Head of BPAA Agam.

The Research Group (Poklit) report was also conveyed by the Head of the Poklit including the Transfortation and Disaster Safety Poklit, Prof. Dr. Eddy Hermawan, Poklit Atmospheric Environment, Drs. Waluyo Eko Cahyono, M.I.L., Poklit Food and Maritime Security, Dr. Suaydhi, Poklit Climate Change, Drs. Bambang Siswanto, M.Sc., and Poklit Atmospheric Technology, Dr. Laras Toersilowati, M.Sc.

Evaluation activities are carried out to convey the results / reports on the activities of each field, section, community center and research group within a period of 3 months (April to June 2020) and as a follow-up to the results of the previous Quarterly (January-March) evaluation and plans for the implementation of further activities.

Didi Satiadi said that "PSTA targets for this period include the development of a Decision Support System for Transportation Disaster & Safety, Maritime & Food Security, as well as Environment & Climate Change. Quarterly evaluation is carried out to monitor and evaluate the progress of research and development of the decision support system, as well identify whether there are problems or obstacles that need to be resolved, synergize all activities in PSTA, and see the achievements of KPI targets such as innovation products, publications, IPRs, and user service indicators ".


Didi Satiadi also expressed his hope that the system built would have a broad impact on the community. "PSTA hopes that the Decision Support System can help the decision making of policies / management by the relevant authorities, so that it provides benefits to the community, nation and country, in accordance with PSTA's vision and mission to become the activator of the development sectors based on science and technology atmosphere". said Didi Satiadi.

On this occasion Dr. Trismidianto as the next Program and Facility Coordinator of PSTA-LAPAN who has passed the selection appointment some time ago.

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