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MGMP IPS Bogor Teachers Visit to PSTA LAPAN
News Writter : • Photographers : • 22 Nov 2019

Thursday, November 21st 2019, PSTA LAPAN received a visit from Musyawarah Guru Mata Pelajaran (MGMP) Social Sciences (IPS) of the Central Region, Bogor City. There are at least 40 teachers who attended the visit.

The visit began with welcoming reception by Protocol of PSTA LAPAN, Mr. Djoko Trianas, who gave encouragement slogans before the event began. The teachers were very enthusiastic about the spontaneous yells that Mr. Djoko made.

The representative from MGMP IPS conveyed the purpose of the visit to PSTA LAPAN. The visit was in the context of providing experience to all the teachers who are members of MGMP IPS of the Central Region, Bogor City. PSTA LAPAN was the second place they visited after Geology Museum, Bandung. The teacher wanted to learn about the organization of PSTA LAPAN and Climate Change.

The visit was also welcomed by the Head of Administration, Mr. Sudirman, SH, MAP, who represented the structural of PSTA LAPAN. After completing the first session, the souvenirs were handed from the PSTA to MGMP Bogor in the form of books about atmosphere and vice versa. After remarks from PSTA LAPAN, the event was continued by Mr. Atep Radiana as representative of Dissemination staff. He described the organization of LAPAN very briefly. Mr. Atep also explained in more details the work units in LAPAN Bandung, and mainly about PSTA. Besides that, he also gave an explanation about the results of technology that have been produced by LAPAN such as rockets, satellites, remote sensing imagery, and Decision Support System (DSS).

The next presenter from PSTA LAPAN was Mrs. Indah Susanti, ST. On this occasion, Mrs. Indah gave an explanation about one of the focuses research at PSTA which is Climate Change. The explanation was about the theory of the causes of climate change, the impact of climate change, and how the conditions of future capital cities due to climate change. The teacher seemed very enthusiastic to hear the explanation.

The last session was the question and answer. The teacher showed their enthusiasm as they asked a lot of question about the organization of LAPAN and about atmospheric research. The visit was ended by a visit to ASTINA, one of the multimedia rooms owned by PSTA LAPAN, led by Mrs. Nani Cholianawati, ST.


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