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Knowledge Sharing DSS Sadewa and Santanu
News Writter : • Photographers : • 24 Feb 2021

Bandung (23/2). PSTA-LAPAN has the main task of research and development in the field of atmospheric science and technology to support national development and regional development, said the Head of the Center for Atmospheric Science and Technology, Dr. Didi Satiadi, M.Sc., in his speech at the webinar on Atmospheric Science about Technology, Environment and the Latest Climate Series 2 (SATELIT # 2) entitled Knowledge Sharing DSS Sadewa and Santanu, Tuesday, February 23, 2021 with the Bandung City Information and Communication Office.

The Head of PSTA-LAPAN, further explained that in his research activities, PSTA-LAPAN developed applications that could be used by the central and local governments, including the Satellite Disaster Early Warning System (Sadewa) and the Spatial Rain Monitoring System (Santanu), he said.

Head of PSTA-LAPAN, Dr. Didi Satiadi, M.Sc. gave a speech at Webinar SATELIT # 2, 23/02

Sadewa is a system that functions to provide information or warnings on potential rain with a resolution of 5 square km, said Didi, which is where the potential for extreme rain can have the potential to cause catastrophic events such as landslides and so on, especially in the city of Bandung. Sadewa is supported by a satellite-based observation system as well as a prediction system based on atmospheric models, he continued.

Meanwhile, Santanu, said Didi, is an x-band radar-based rain monitoring system that can monitor rain spatially and in real time throughout the city, with a radius of about 40 km with a spatial resolution of 120 meters and a time resolution of 2 minutes so it is hoped that the Santanu system can monitor rainfall. that happens in the city of Bandung from once every 2 minutes. At this time Santanu, he stressed, was installed in Bandung and Sumedang which complement each other.

The Head of the Bandung City Information and Communication Service, Yayan Ahmad Brilyana, S.Sos., M.Sc., stated that currently we are faced with challenges to utilize information and communication technology in carrying out government duties and functions, including implementing public services, he explained.

The development of science and technology that is happening today, said Yayan, has had an impact on fundamental changes that have led to a new paradigm in entering the era of information and communication technology which has become known as the industrial revolution 4.0, he explained through the online media zoom meeting.

Head of the Bandung City Information and Communication Agency, Yayan Ahmad Brilyana, S.Sos., M.Sc., gave a speech at the SATELIT # 2 Webinar, 23/02

Since 2017 the city of Bandung has built various kinds of infrastructure, developed human resources, and developed various applications in order to realize the smart city of Bandung, continued Yayan. This is due to the demands of the times when the people of Bandung are familiar with technology and the development of the internet world is also very broad as well as social media. The effective and efficient way to accelerate technological developments in smart city development is by sharing applications in order to provide public services including the use of Sadewa and Santanu's decision support systems, he concluded.

In this activity, presenters were present from the PSTA-LAPAN researchers, namely:
1. Dr. Ibnu Fathrio, M.Si., Young Researcher at the Center for Atmospheric Science and Technology-LAPAN
2. Dr. Asif Awaludin, MT., Associate Researcher at the Center for Atmospheric Science and Technology-LAPAN
3. Farid Lasmono, ST., First Researcher at the Center for Atmospheric Science and Technology-LAPAN
4. Dra. Sinta Berliana Sipayung, M.Sc., Associate Researcher at the Center for Atmospheric Science and Technology-LAPAN.

Photo with participants of SATELIT # 2 Webinar, 23/02

PR: emge
Photo: Cece

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